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Sermons Category: Ezekiel

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David denHartog teaches from Ezekiel 38, as an epilogue to the series: What in the World is Happening?  The world is changing at a rapid rate and we live in very uncertain times.  What we need are some anchors of truth that will keep us strong and steadfast.  As believers, we are not to be […]

Pride is the engine that drives all (or nearly all) sin.  David denHartog teaches us how and when pride entered the universe, and then how it moved into the world of men and women.  Pride and sin is now part of our lives.  We also learn some of the symptoms of pride and how to […]

We feel the world unraveling around us – the culture in our country, but other countries as well.  We have to wonder where we are at in relation to the end times.  We cannot always say: “this is that,” but we can say: “this is leading to that.”  We need to look at current events in […]

Baruch Lieberman shares his personal story, about his congregation in Jerusalem – Shemen Sasson – and about the Jewish people.  He teaches from Ezekiel 37 and Romans 11.  He also shares ways that we can be praying for him and Jerusalem.  God can find a key to unlock anyone’s heart, even those that seem like […]

Dean Elliott teaches the third sermon in the series on homosexuality.  Homosexuality is a symptom of the much bigger problem of idolatry and always occurs in a certain context.  As Christians, our job is to carry on a conversation and communicate the truth.  No matter how small the voice.  Dean uses Ezekiel 14:1-11 to give […]