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For Easter Sunday, David denHartog teaches from Romans 8. Each person has the choice to submit to the law of flesh or the law of the spirit. We will see a clear definition of someone who has the Holy Spirit living in them. Christians receive the Holy Spirit after putting faith in Christ alone, but […]

David denHartog, for Easter Sunday, teaches from Romans 5:8-10.  Easter is about transformed lives.  How do you experience such a life?  The same power that resurrected Jesus from the grave is available to you and I to transform and change our lives.  How does one turn on that power? Additional Scripture references:  Romans 3:23; Romans […]

Kevin Bentley continues the Fault Lines series by teaching the Biblical perspective on government. Should believers ever resist the government? What is God’s role in appointing political leaders? What’s the spiritual purpose of government? Should Christians participate in politics? The answers lie in an understanding of God’s authority. Believers must respect the government. Main Scripture […]

He is Risen!!  He is risen indeed.  David denHartog teaches from Romans 8 and John 11 on this Easter Sunday.  There are three benefits that God gives to us. It is for these benefits that we rejoice! Additional Scripture references: Psalm 118:22-24; Romans 7:15-25

David denHartog continues the series on the re:gen ministry, covering steps 7, 8, and 9.  When you pull weeds from the garden bed, you must also get the root – or the weed will grow right back.  The same is true of our sins and struggles – they must be dealt with at the root […]

Dean Elliott begins to explain the ministry of “re:generation.”  What does regeneration mean?  re:generation is a 12-step program designed to bring God back into the 12-step process, and give the church an opportunity to speak the healing of Jesus Christ into the lives of people.  What are the first three steps of the program?  What […]

David denhartog wraps up “Disagreements Without Division,” with part three focusing on how best to approach disagreements that are about the gray areas of how we are to live out the Christian life.  He teaches us five major principles of Scripture through which we must think as we make decisions about the little things in […]

Dean Elliott continues the Family Portrait series, speaking about how a family is the most important place where a child can learn the building blocks of redemption.  Like the Intelligent Quotient and the Emotional Quotient, numbers which determine the potential for a child’s success in life, so also the “R.Q.” can impact a child’s success in the […]

Dr. Mitch Glaser, President of Chosen People Ministries, shares his story of how he came to believe in Jesus.  It is quite an amazing story!  He also teaches from Romans 1:16 and 11:11. If you would like to learn more about Chosen People Ministries, please click HERE.

Dean Elliott teaches from Romans 11:25-32.  There are three things that come from understanding God’s promises to the Jews.  God promises a person, a people, and a place.  There is also a plan that will progress in which all the peoples of the earth will be blessed.  What is the blessing? At the beginning of the sermon is […]

David denHartog begins the Amber Alert: Lost in Johnson County series teaching from Galatians 1:6-9 and Romans 3:21-26.  There are lots of lost people in Johnson County.  We are to personally share our faith with those around us.  We need to know what the Gospel is and we need to be clear in our declaration of […]

Dean Elliott explains that the first rule for riding a roller coaster is:  know what to expect.  The same is also true when we live a life of prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Dean helps us understand what to expect and where we wind up using Romans 7 and 8, and Philippians […]

Dean Elliott concludes the Necessaries series with the third item we all need to pack in our traveling bag on the Christian life journey.  It is the practice of going to God the Father.  We have an audience with the Living God through the Holy Spirit because of Jesus’ death.  What does that look like in your […]

Dr. Sukhwant Bhatia, one of our CBC supported missionaries, teaches from Romans 10:9-15 about the true purpose of Missions.  He also takes a few minutes to explain his personal responsibilities and duties in his current missionary work.

Dean Elliott teaches just a bit about why Christians should be thankful and why its critical to our spiritual health. Scripture references: Romans 1:21; Proverbs 29:25; Matthew 24:12 (Please note: the video includes the entire worship service, whereas the audio contains only the devotional and Communion portions.)

David denHartog explains the Biblical basis for baptism in “Buried and Resurrected.”  What does the Bible say about Baptism?  Why get baptized?  Who should get baptized?  What does it mean?  How is one to be baptized?  When does one get baptized? Scripture references: Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 10:47-48; I Corinthians 10:1-2; Romans 6:4; Acts 8:36-39

Dean Elliott begins his “Basics, Part II” by looking at why God hit “The Hard Button” (instead of the Easy Button) when Adam and Eve sinned.  No one wants difficult or hard circumstances, but if we want to grow in Christ, then we will need to change our attitude about difficulties in this life.  In order to […]

David denHartog continues the “Designed For A Purpose” series giving us five truths about spiritual gifts that are found in Romans 12 and I Corinthians 12.  Just like a football team needs all of its players to do their specialized jobs in order to win the game, the church needs all of its members to […]

Dean Elliott talks about what kind of relationship God wants with each of His children and how we can go about getting that relationship.  Scripture based in Psalm 23 and Romans 5:1-5.

Baruch Lieberman shares his personal story, about his congregation in Jerusalem – Shemen Sasson – and about the Jewish people.  He teaches from Ezekiel 37 and Romans 11.  He also shares ways that we can be praying for him and Jerusalem.  God can find a key to unlock anyone’s heart, even those that seem like […]

David denHartog teaches regarding the second great truth about our salvation – how we are being saved from the power of sin and the lies of Satan. Scripture References: Romans 10:1-15 (main); Romans 7:25; Romans 8:5; Psalm 1:1-2; 2 Corinthians 3:18

Dean Elliott teaches from Romans 1:18-23 in his second sermon in the series “A City Set on a Hill.”  The Gospel is the solution to all of the problems of the world, but most people don’t see the relevance of the Gospel to their problems.  Dean explains what the progression of symptoms looks like when […]

Dean Elliott teaches from 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Romans 1 in his first sermon in the series on homosexuality.