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Small Groups

How are you connected?

We define a COMMUNITY GROUP as a group of 3-12 people within the church who meet together on a regular basis for the purpose of seeking to grow in their Christian walk.

Community Groups take on a variety of forms, and can be found as in the following list:

is open to anyone who would like to join a small group. To facilitate groups, First Step events are held throughout the year to provide opportunity for people to meet small group leaders and others looking for community.

meet together to share life, usually have a common life stage, and intend to meet long term.

meet together to study a book of the Bible or to learn more about what the Bible has to say about a topic. Each meeting time, Men and Women sit at the same table in their respective studies to allow for connection.

As you regularly serve to meet a need in the body of Christ, you create friendships and share life.

Some groups meet together for a specific amount of time, for a specific purpose. Re|engage, re:generation, and Financial Peace University small groups fall into this category.

gather together because of a shared interest, like motorcycles, softball, or knitting.

If you need help getting connected, please contact Kevin Bentley through the church office.


Please check with the leader of your group on how childcare is handled.
Some groups choose to meet and use CBC Childcare, some do not:

Cost is $6 per child, with a maximum of $15 per family. There is no meal provided during this time, only a light snack. Pre-registration is required. For registration and more information, please contact Barbra Valerio.

No cost. Pre-registration is required. For Nursery-3yrs (not potty trained), please contact Barbra Valerio.  For AWANA’s (3yrs, potty trained – 5th grade), please contact Jeremy Longoria.  One may use the form on the Contact Us page, or email the church office.