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Mission & Values

Our Mission

To reach people wherever they are in their spiritual journey and nurture them into a maturing relationship with Christ.

Our Vision

in nurturing people into a maturing relationship with Christ is to equip people to…

Love God by

  • Pursing Christ passionately
  • Following the Bible faithfully
  • Proclaiming Christ boldly

Love Others by

  • Building strong families intentionally
  • Love each other sacrificially
  • Serve the community diligently

Our Values

The core of who we are and what we do as a church

We will pray.

Only by God’s grace and power can the church become what God wants it to be, holy and set apart unto Him, having impact in our culture to transform lives for His glory. We cannot build the church based on previous experience and ingenuity.

We will teach the Scriptures.

As our name implies, we are a Bible church and thus instruction in the understanding and application of the Bible to our lives in the 21st century is one of the hallmarks of our ministry. Teaching the Scriptures is the focus of what we do, both in exposition from the pulpit and in our classes.

We will be grace based.

We will preach and share the gospel of grace, that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. We will also teach that we grow by grace. Instead of seeking to live our lives trying to please God in our own strength, we live our lives trusting God for His. Our relationships with others are based on grace, wanting people to find a place of safety and love wherein they can grow.

We will seek to worship God authentically.

Our corporate worship will not be simply honoring God with our lips, but from our hearts. It will contain prayer, praise and other means of exalting God. Our music will be comprised of great hymns of the faith and choruses of praise which provide good theology and inspiration to the heart.

We will develop Biblical community.

Our ministry and studies will be relationship driven with an ongoing effort to encourage and invite everyone to become part of a small group wherein they can find deep and lasting relationships. Besides loving God, we are called to love one another deeply and we believe that growth and transformation take place most readily in the context of these loving relationships.

We will seek to equip people to serve.

We believe God has given everyone a spiritual gift to employ in serving. We will seek to enable people to discover God’s purpose​ for their lives and connect them in service in keeping with their heart, their natural abilities, their personality and their experience. We will promote a lifestyle of servanthood.​

We will go to others to proclaim the gospel both locally and globally.

We believe the mandate of the Great Commission that evangelism and discipleship is ours to fulfill, first in Cleburne and Johnson County, then our country, and as the Lord leads, to the rest of the world.