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Israel: 02/01/24

Pray life into Israel.


  1. For the 136 remaining hostages and their families, active soldiers and their families, displaced families, kids and grownups with trauma or post-traumatic stress, government leaders, and believers throughout the Land, including our missionaries.
  2. Most of all for the Lord to reveal Jesus–the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6) -to the people of Israel. Only through the power of Jesus’ life (John 1:4) can hearts, minds, and souls change.
  3. For Ukrainian Jewish People: through Chosen People

Ukraine: 03/04/22

PRAY.  Please continue to pray earnestly for the situation in Ukraine. Food has become scarce. The grocery stores are virtually empty of food. Lives of many of our brothers & sisters are in danger. Thousands of others have fled the war zone & are in refugee status.
1. That Putin will be stopped
2. For the basic necessities of life: Food & water to be provided for the people of Ukraine, particularly for the believers
3. For safety & protection for these same people
4. For places for the refugees to go & to be given care
5. For Nickolay, Sergey, Peter, Pavel, Victor, Kolya, all Christian leaders or pastors. Pray for them & their families as well as the people they lead or shepherd.

GIVE.  The following links are to give to the crisis in Ukraine.

Support of Missionaries at Ceburne Bible Church

Support of Missionaries at Cleburne Bible Church

Cleburne Bible Church supports the spread of the Good News about Jesus Christ through:

As we reach out around the world we fully realize that God must go before us to call people to Himself. He uses us as His instruments in this endeavor, both through our prayers and our financial support.

The primary financial support of CBC missionaries is through the CBC mission fund – 15% of all undesignated offerings to the church go into this fund. The CBC mission’s committee has established guidelines for the use of these Mission Funds.

The mission committee is focused on supporting the current mission and outreach ministries listed on these pages. Thus, we are currently not accepting new missionaries applications.

If God should so lead you to support one of the missionaries or ministries listed on these pages, please use the link next to the missionary. This will lead you to the supporting mission organization for the respective missionary and guide you to know how you can support them directly through that organization.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the mission’s committee through the church office:

Bobby de la Garza

Jason denHartog

Sunny Quinn


Debbie Edwards

Enrique Ayala

Brad Crawford

Freddia Gray

Missions Fund Guidelines

While CBC does participate:

  • Whereas, our Lord Jesus Christ mandated us to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20) &,
  • Whereas, Our Lord also said that we will by His Spirit be His witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8);
  • Therefore the purpose of the mission funds of Cleburne Bible Church will be to support the making of disciples of Christ locally, regionally and globally.

In accordance with this purpose we will follow the following guidelines:

  1. We will support our own members going to the field as a first priority.
  2. We will make sure our own current missionaries financial needs are met prior to adding new missionaries to support. We will monitor our missionary’s ministries yearly and hold them accountable for our investment in their ministry.
  3. Recognizing that nationals sharing the gospel within their own people group have a distinct advantage, we will give priority to the support of national missionaries prior to giving to expatriate missionaries.
  4. We will give priority to support missionary activity to people groups where there is the greatest population and the least amount of missionary activity.
  5. We will strive to support ministry to the Jews.
  6. We will maintain a mission fund balance equal to at least two times the level of our monthly budgeted missionary support.
  7. We will continue to encourage and provide financial support for short term mission trips according to our mission policy statement.
  8. We will consider requests for one time gifts provided it meets the requirements of our mission purpose.
  9. We will continue to support local missions provided they meet the requirements of our mission purpose.
  10. We will continue to fund and support a mission conference.

Global Missions

Cleburne Bible Church supports these global missions with our finances and prayers:


Jennifer Phillips

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Mary Porter
Child Evangelism Fellowship

Mark & Ruth Babel
Uttermost Sports – Crossworld

United States

Andrea Perkins
AWANA Missionary

Charlie & Karen Bing
In various countries

Central America

Bob & Ann Henriques
in Guatemala – Central American Mission

Brad & Lori Crawford
Wings of Blessing, Honduras


Sergei & Tanya Lazarenko
Ukraine Church

Constantin & Elena Alexandrescu
in Romania – Crossworld Mission

Terry & Robin Chumbley
in the Czech Republic – World Venture

Wes & Elaine Auldridge
Cadence International

Nickolay & Olga Revtov
throughout Ukraine & Eurasia – Evangelism Explosion

Eveny Meldin
EE, Moscow, Russia

Rob and Amy Attridge

Ireland, GEM (Greater European Missions)


Sukhwant & Vinita Bhatia
in India – SEEK Partners

Robin & Elizabeth Munn
in Thailand

Jonel Arecdera
in Philippines

Joel & Rachel Shelley
in Philippines

Sean and Janelle Willeford

in Philippines

Middle East

Mitch Glaser

Chosen People Ministries



Cleburne Bible Church supports these global missions with our finances and prayers:

Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Israel Media Ministries

Shemen Sasson
our sister church in Jerusalem

Local Mission

Cleburne Bible Church supports these local missions with our finances, prayers, and time:

Cleburne Pregnancy Center
Crisis Pregnancies

Operation Blessing

Wrangler Bible Club
at Marti Elementary

Crazy8 Ministries

Andrea Perkins

Gideons International