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Whether you want to prepare for getting married, get a “tune-up” for a good marriage, or rebuild a troubled relationship because you need a complete overhaul, our re|engage classes give you the tools you need to find the closeness you desire.

re|engage meets once a week for approximately two hours and has two major components: Large Group and Small Group.

Every evening begins in a large group setting. During this time you will hear:

  • Couples publicly share their marriage story
  • re|engage leaders teach principles for marriage growth

When Large Group concludes, couples move into Small Groups. Initially, at Cleburne Bible Church, the ReEngage process will have two stages. The first several weeks will be Open Group. Those weeks will be comprised of larger groups, and will feature group discussion on different marriage topics. At this time, you will have the opportunity to begin sharing some of your story, at your own pace.

Couples will then be assigned to a Closed Group. Closed Groups consist of 4 – 5 participating couples and a facilitator couple who will walk through the 16-lesson re|engage curriculum together.

“Most marriages have some struggles as two people seek oneness in their relationship. Our own marriage has been no exception. However, the resource of this marriage ministry, has enabled us to experience a new closeness and intimacy in our marriage. Additionally, we have been greatly encouraged that many couples have seen a major impact on their marriage as they have applied the material to their lives.”

-Pastor David

Contact the church office for information about re | engage:

The next session begins Wednesday, September 13, 2023, and meets from 6:30 – 8:00PM on Wednesday evenings in room 109/110. Commitments and payment ($50) will be due at the end of the last Open Group session.

CLICK HERE for the 2023-2024 online registration.


Merge, Cleburne Bible Church’s premarital ministry, is designed to give engaged and seriously dating couples a unique opportunity to learn, seek wisdom, and receive counsel about marriage in a safe, fun, challenging and authentic environment. The Merge curriculum comes from Watermark Community Church in Dallas.

Merge is offered on an as-needed basis at Cleburne Bible Church. If you want to complete the course, or want to find out more, please email our church office at [email protected]. Our leaders, Eric and Joni Bishop, will get in touch with you shortly.