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Members are encouraged to find a place to serve within the church body! Getting plugged in to a place of service is part of the Discovery Class process. If you haven’t been through Discovery Class, we invite you to do so! If you are wanting to serve in one of the following areas, you may contact Pastor Kevin Bentley through the church office OR you may contact the church office and ask them to have the listed leader contact you.

For in fact the body is not one member but many. If the foot should say, “Because I am not a hand, I am not of the body,” is it therefore not of the body? And if the ear should say, “Because I am not an eye, I am not of the body,” is it therefore not of the body? If the whole body were an eye, where would be the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where would be the smelling? But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased. I Corinthians 12:14-18 [NKJV]


Ministers to each person who enters CBC by welcoming them with a genuine smile, a warm word and a hand- shake or hug. We serve to make our visitors feel especially welcome by ensuring they have guidance to their next stop whether it is children’s wing, coffee bar, kiosk to register or a seat in the worship center. The goal is to bring visitors, from the parking lot and through the door, to tell them what we are about, what we offer, and make sure they are comfortably seated, with coffee if desired. We also should encourage each one to complete a Connection card.

Contact Jerry Mangrum

Parking Attendant
Directs parking and assists those who need it.

Meets each person who enters the church with a warm smile and handshake. If they appear uncertain, direct them to the appropriate place, makes conversation.

Ministers to all who enter CBC by handing each person a bulletin as they approach the MPR doors. When inside the MPR each person will be greeted by a new usher who will invite them to find open seats if available. If seats are limited, usher will escort person to an open seat.

Contact Erik Dumas

Kitchen & Coffee Ministry
Help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere on Sundays through preparing and serving coffee for both services (7am-11:30am). Help with luncheons and meals for special events, normally on Sunday, through set up, food service, clean up, washing dirty towels each week, etc.

Contact Gloria Tennison and Carolyn Shuffle 

Guardian Ministry
Provides a safe environment for all who worship and study with us at CBC. Responds to crises or emergencies, e.g., medical, fire, flood, hazardous material spills or other dangers.

Serve during regular Sunday services and all special events to be aware and respond to any emergency. Law enforcement, medical or fire-fighting experience helpful but not required. Interview process and back ground check required.

Contact Steve Bishop

IServe is made up of the membership of CBC, and the IServe Lead Team helps find opportunities to mobilize the body to “Reach the Community for Christ through Service.”

Contact Chuck Bailey

Cooking Team
Grills, smoke or barbecue meats to be served at special events sponsored by CBC

Contact Alan Edwards

Goatneck Bike Race
Prepare and serve refreshments to bike race participants at the annual event. The race is typically held on the last Saturday in July.

Contact Dexter Baldwin

Follow the Star
Have you ever thought about what it would have been like to be there the night when Jesus was born? Ever envisioned that starry night as the shepherds watched their sheep and the angel appeared to announce the birth of Jesus? The Magi from the East followed the star to find the King of the Jews who was born of a virgin. Follow the Star is a live Christmas outdoor experience taking guests on a journey back to that time. Guides lead guests through the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. This December outreach requires the entire church to be mobilized. There are many opportunities for service (from sewing to acting to construction and more…)

Contact Nina Mangrum



The IServe Lead Team works with the Cleburne ISD to find meaningful ways that CBC might build connection with CISD employees and students.


Jail Ministry

The IServe ministry regularly enters the Johnson County Jail to minister to inmates. Throughout the year, the IServe Lead Team organizes a Christmas Eve outreach, Easter Outreach, worship services, greeting card outreach and other jail-related ministries.

Contact Vicki Neutzler for any of these areas.

Nursery / Preschool
Provides care, encouragement and learning opportunities for infants through age 3 (Nursery) and age 4 through kindergarten (Preschool). Teachers, leaders, helpers, behind the scenes help preparing materials. SPECIAL NOTE: For the safety of our kids, background checks and ministry-safe training are required for all volunteers.

Contact Barbara Valerio

Elementary Sunday Bible Study / Special Events
A ministry to bless and instruct 1st – 5th Graders through Sunday morning Bible study. Teachers, leaders, helpers, behind the scenes help preparing materials. SPECIAL NOTE: Background checks and ministry-safe training are required of all children’s ministry volunteers. Youth are screened by application through youth and children’s ministry.

Check Ins
Provides registration and security for children in attendance in Sunday School, and on Wednesday nights. Located in the Children’s Ministry wing of CBC.
Computer Assistants – assist parents at computer stations. Greeters – smile and walk family to child’s classroom & introduce them to the leaders.

Provides spiritual growth, Bible study and fun for ages 3 years through 6th grade each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm during school term. (Note: 6th graders have the option of attending Youth Group.) Listening to Bible verse memorization, game time, counsel time, snack time and well as setting up and helping with special events.

Contact Jeremy or Samantha Longoria

Marti Bible Club
Join the team providing after school Bible Study fun for children in kindergarten through fifth grade at Marti Elementary School on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30pm.

  • Lead a small group at a table in discussion after the lesson.
  • Provide snacks
  • Provide special holiday gifts & special treats
  • Assist with music and/or technology


Marti Snack Sacks
Pack healthy snacks for kids who are at risk of not having food on the weekends. Meet once every 6 weeks and help pack ziplock bags for a six to seven week time period. Times to be announced. Usually packing takes place on a Thursday after women’s Bible study from 11:00 to 12:30.

Contact Kevin Sale for any of these areas.

Vision: Our purpose and passion is to see students become disciples (fully devoted followers) of Jesus as we lead them to believe in Christ, belong to His body, be trained in truth, and be strong in ministry.

Mission: We strive to be a group where every student is known and accepted, taught about Jesus, and challenged to grow. The student ministry at Cleburne Bible Church is designed and determined to make a lasting spiritual impact in the life of students through our various programs and events. But most of all we believe that the most effective way to impact students is through significant relationships with caring adults who know and accept them, teach them about Jesus and challenge them to grow. Today’s students do not connect to programs; they connect with people.

Small Group Leader: Our small groups are the BACKBONE of our ministry—they make our big group smaller, allowing students to connect with other Christians in meaningful relationships. As a small group leader, you’ll meet with a small group of students once a week and connect with students outside of your small group meetings. Small group leaders are the pastors of their group of students. They disciple and shepherd their students. The goal is to have at least one primary and a secondary leader for each group. We provide you with the curriculum (and the students!). This commitment requires about two hours every week and any additional time you can put in to invest in the lives of students. We also ask each small group leader to commit to moving up with their group each year. We need people who… care for the students in their small group… are willing to connect deeply with their students… listen well… guide students closer to Jesus… hold students accountable in love.

Wednesday Program Leader: Our Wednesday Services are the FRONT DOOR for our ministry. Every week, students come to our student ministry looking for a friendly and warm place to find acceptance. At these services, we try to break the stereotype that Church has to be boring. It’s filled with laughter, videos, singing, games and a message that challenges students toward spiritual maturity. Our Wednesday Leaders play a huge role in making students feel welcomed and accepted. This is a vital role for our ministry because a student won’t become theologically aware of God’s love if he/she doesn’t feel loved by anyone in a crowded room. We need people who… are friendly and take initiative to create a warm environment… are positive and have a great attitude… can live without a lot of affirmation from students… can start conversations with students… even though it’s tough!

Behind the Scenes: We are always in need of help with behind the scenes work, whether that’s in the kitchen on Wednesday nights or set up and tear down for special events. We need people who… can help with snacks and food for Wednesday services and small groups… can arrive before special events to help set up or after events to help tear down and clean… can organize many behind-the-scenes tasks

Technology, Graphics, Audio, Video Editing: If you are talented at video editing, Photoshop, audio engineering, ProPresenter, or Illustrator this is for you. We are always looking for people to help us use media to better reach students. We are constantly striving to discover new ways of communicating God’s word and interacting students in our services and programs. We need people who… are gifted at graphic design, video, or technology… interested in reaching students in a relevant way… passionate at using media to communicate God’s work.

Prep & Clean up
Enables the congregation to worship in communion by making ready the elements to be served.
Prepare communion elements and tables for Sunday and special services and clean up after the worship service.

Contact Joe & Emma DiStefano

Serves to connect both visitors and attenders to CBC Life so that each person is truly a part of the Body of Christ.

Be a Connector for persons who are attending Discovery Class (new members class) to help them to write their “story”, to explain the Gospel to them when appropriate and to help them become connected with Service and Community opportunities. A group of Connectors will be needed every third and fourth Sunday during the first service.

Contact Nina Mangrum or Beth denHartog

Maintains the church facility and grounds for regular church services and well as special events. Many ways to serve, such as mowing grass, weeding beds, spreading mulch, cleaning rest rooms, and setting up for special events among others.

Contact Brian Goodman

Provides accommodations for visitors as needed.

Provide a host home for visiting missionaries or in the summer for counselors for Camp in the City. A list of potential host homes is kept at the church office.

Contact Adrianna Solis at the church office 817-641-8142

Bereavement Meals Ministry
Ministers to members that have had a loss of a father, mother or child by preparing food to be served to the family before or after the funeral
Prepare meals for bereaved families on a rotating schedule.

Contact Carol Long

Recovery Meals Ministry
Serves to bless the CBC members and immediate family by preparing and delivering meals for those who are recovering from hospitalization, serious illness, medical treatment, surgery, childbirth, etc. Prepare a meal for the family on a rotating schedule.

Contact Cheryl Simmons

Serve to record various CBC events of CBC by still photographs and/or video. Do photography and/or video for events and updates to the CBC website. Also, CBC would like to produce and edit our own videos of testimonies to be placed on our website and/or used in Sunday morning worship.

Contact Adrianna Solis at the church office, 817-641-8142

Ministers to the sick & families of the sick, ministers to those awaiting surgery & stays with families during surgery.
Requires some familiarity with our people, a shepherd’s heart and skill in providing support.

May require some additional training.

Contact Adrianna Solis at the church office, 817-641-8142

Leads the congregation of CBC in worship and praise of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in voice, instruments and drama.

Ministry opportunities include Instrumentalists and vocalists, but requires an audition. Those interested in being a vocalist or instrumentalist will need to reach out to Tom Worthley personally.

Multi-Media Opportunities: Tech booth assistants in sound, lights, and video, stage crew, and camera operator.

Contact Tom Worthley

The Benevolence Team meets by appointment each Monday with those in the Cleburne area who are in need of financial assistance. A Benevolence Mentor is a person willing to follow up with a “client” for the purpose of evangelism & discipleship.

Contact Tom Worthley


Local Organizations

These are organizations that serve our community. Read through the descriptions and contact the organization directly!

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Mission: Johnson County Children’s Advocacy Center provides each child who has suffered abuse with justice, hope and healing.

Location: 910 Granbury Street, Cleburne, Tx. 76033

We are actively recruiting volunteers that can assist during regular operating hours, after hours during weekdays and for special events. We are also hoping to recruit volunteers that have an interest and/or expertise in public speaking. We would also like to recruit some volunteers that have expertise in IT Services and web development to work on our online safety and prevention program. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mia Baake or fill out the application(pdf)! Please Note: Volunteers must be 18 years of age and be able to pass a criminal background check.

Point of Contact: Tammy King or Drew Stallings (817) 558-1599, [email protected]

Special Note: All volunteers must pass a DPS and CPS background check to volunteer and must sign a confidentiality policy and agreement. Volunteers under 18 years old cannot work directly with victims. This is due to confidentiality policies on state and national levels. They can volunteer at Cowboys for Kids and special volunteer events where clients are not involved.

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We are a life affirming ministry offering services to women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy; helping them to choose life for their child.

Opportunity Available: Client advocates, office help, fund raising help, class leaders for parenting and prenatal classes, R.N.’s and help with pregnancy test and sonograms.

Location: 100 S. Main Street, Cleburne, Tx.

Age Restriction: 18 years and older

Individuals needed: Single or married men and women; married couples for parenting classes when possible

Required Experience: Be willing to share the love of Jesus Christ and to love on our clients: training is available for most opportunities.

Jobs: Staff positions filled at present

Point of Contact: Meredith Bailey, [email protected], 817-641-7741

Terry Green, [email protected], 817-641-7741

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CASA of Johnson County is a non-profit organization supported by trained volunteers called Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA’s). These volunteers advocate, in court, for a child’s best interest when they are in custody of the State, due to abuse or neglect. CASA’s help ensure foster children are in safe, permanent and loving home environments.

Opportunity Available: The next volunteer training session begins October 28, 2014.

Location: 210 Featherston St., Cleburne, Tx. 76033

Age Restriction: Must be 21 years of age or older

Individuals Needed: Adults committed to providing support and advocacy to a child until their case is closed, usually no less than a year.

Required Experience: 30 hours of pre-service training

Jobs: Volunteer advocates

Point of Contact: Kathy McClure (817) 558-6995 x13

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Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties serves the children of yesterday by helping needy homebound elderly and disabled persons remain independent and healthy in their homes by providing home-delivered meals, daily personal contact, and support for individuals and their families.

Opportunity available: Meal routes are delivered Monday through Friday and take less than an hour to deliver. Most volunteers are one day a week, every other week, or on and “as needed” basis.

Location: Cleburne area

Age Restriction: 18 years of age or older

Individuals Needed: Multiple volunteers are needed daily

Required Experience: No experience required. Training will be provided.

Point of Contact: Lanette Moline (817) 558-2940 or [email protected]

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Operation Blessing is a Faith-Based organization whose mission is to share God’s Word and His Love, and to let that Love flow through to those who are hurting and in need. This organization is governed by a Board of Directors and staffed by volunteers. We are not affiliated with Operation Blessing International.

Opportunities available: We are open Monday-Thursday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You may serve one day a week or half a day

Individuals Needed: We have opportunities for the ladies in our clothing room to sort and hang clothes and bring in donations. Some lifting is required. Men may volunteer in our food distribution center by helping to make food boxes and to carry the boxes for the clients who are not able. We need help restocking our shelves, walk-in cooler, and walk-in freezer. Volunteers are also needed to unload donations, from furniture to clothing and household items.

Location: 105 George St., Cleburne, Tx. 76031

Age restrictions: 18 years +

Experienced required: To have a servant’s heart and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ. We only ask that you agree with our mission statement and that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Point of Contact: Gloria Jones or James Wilson (817) 645-8511

The purpose this ministry is to raise awareness and provide support for foster care and adoptive families within our church body and surrounding community per the biblical mandate of James 1:27

Opportunity Available: Serving families in our community through prayer, respite care, acts of service (meals, running errands for families, financial assistance, yard work, etc.) encouragement, becoming a certified foster or adoptive family, getting involved with CASA.

Age Restrictions: Parents are encouraged to include their children while serving. Some service may be limited to just adults i.e. respite care/taking care of foster children while foster parents go on a date.

Individuals needed: Many

Required Experience: Have a heart for children and serving others. Some acts of service may require a background check.

Point of Contact: Amy Moore (through the CBC Church office)

An after school program with snacks, music and a Bible lesson. Approximately 150-175 children K thru 5 attend. The club meets from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Helpers arrive about 3:00-3:15 and leave at 4:45-5:00p.m. The first meeting is Tuesday, October 7. We have about 9 weeks of club in the fall and start again in February for another 9 weeks.

Opportunities available: Sharing the love of Jesus with children, sharing the gospel; making contact with families; building relationships; following the example of Jesus.

Location: Marti Elementary, 2020 W. Kilpatrick, Cleburne, Texas

Age Restrictions: Adults are wonderful, but we also welcome teens. We love pre-schoolers, but ask that moms/dads who want to serve find care for them elsewhere.

Required Experience: Only need is to want to love and serve children by sharing the good news about Jesus in practical ways.

Jobs: Setting up, taking down; snacks, sound equipment, supplies, interacting with children, assisting with dismissal to cars.

Contact: Phyllis McPherson  (through the CBC Church office)

Snack Sacks is an outreach ministry to kids at Marti Elementary identified by the school counselor, who need help with food over the weekend. Several local churches adopt a school and work independently to accomplish this support within our school system to supply the nutritious snack sacks . Individuals and small groups are welcome to come help us unload, pack and deliver.

Opportunities Available: Individuals or groups are needed to help with unloading the food at CBC, sort and pack individual ziplocs with food items; place filled bags in large tubs, load in a vehicle and deliver to Marti Elementary.

Age Restriction: None. If you can lift a pack of crackers, you can help.

Individuals Needed: 5 to 10 people on each packing day for about 3 hours. Projected pack dates to be determined,

Required Experience: None

Contact Person: Vicki Neutzler
(817) 641-8142 (CBC Church office)

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This ministry has blessed the less fortunate of the area with groceries, clothing, household needs and free haircuts from a professional stylist for almost 20 years. From the warehouse volunteers distribute grocery and personal hygiene items on Saturday mornings twice each month beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at approximately 11 a.m.

Opportunities Available: Individuals or groups are encouraged to pray with our neighbors, help to package beans, pasta or rice and/or assist in handing out food to over 1500 persons bi-weekly.

Age Restrictions: None

Required experience: None

Individuals Needed: Many

Location: 6601 County Road 912, Joshua, Tx. 76058

Point of Contact: Pastor Andy Dally
(817) 295-7671 
[email protected]

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Kairos is a well-organized, inter-denominational ministry made up of men or women who present an introductory 3-day short course in Christianity to incarcerated adult men and women.

Opportunity available: You may serve by baking cookies prior to a Kairos weekend, or make place mats, write letters, sign up to pray or contribute financially. Agreeing to serve on a Kairos weekend would be a larger commitment of 5 Saturday meetings plus the 3-day weekend.

Location: Various prisons within the North Texas area including Estes Unit (Men) in Venus; Mountain View Unit (Women), Gatesville; Boyd Unit (Men); Hutchins Unit (men), Dallas; and others

Age restriction: 18 years+

Individuals needed: Approximately 60 for each weekend

Experience required: Know Jesus and have a loving heart and willing spirit

Point of contact: Jerry or Nina Mangrum (through the CBC Church office)

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Epiphany is a 501-c3 ecumenical organizational that ministers to youthful offenders incarcerated in state institutions. The mission is to offer youth an opportunity to change their lives through the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It is a three-day course in Christianity that brings the message of God’s love, grace and forgiveness.

Opportunities available: Approximately fifty volunteers are needed to successfully conduct a 3-day weekend. Generally, two Epiphany weekends are conducted each year at each facility. In addition to participating in a weekend, prayer warriors are needed who would be constantly in prayer during the weekend.

Location: Various locations throughout Texas.

Age Restriction: 18 years of age and over

Individuals Needed: Approximately 50 for each weekend

Experience Required: Love Jesus and love young people

Point of Contact: Russ and Kathy Kunkel (through the CBC church office)

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The center was established to provide a safe haven for area youth. We provide an after school tutorial program, Kids Night Out and activities for Senior Citizens.

Opportunities Available: We are in need of instructors and mentors for the children, assistance with the Senior Program and individuals to do food run to local food bank.

Location: Santa Fe Elementary School Campus

Age Restriction: 18 years old and above

Individuals Needed: Many

Experience Required: Job Dependent. Some experience working with children as a Sunday School teacher, youth leader etc. is preferred for those working with children. Other jobs need no experience.

Point of Contact: Jean Pickett
(817) 556-3716
[email protected]

Special Note: Background check will be required