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Celebration Sunday – May 4, 2014 Join us as we Celebrate what God has done over the last year in regards to the Next Step Campaign and Praise the Lord! Next Step Campaign update by Bobby de la Garza.  Sermon from Psalm 81 by David denHartog.  Future plans by Dean Elliott.  Children are from the […]

David denHartog teaches from Hebrews 11 about what the Christian can expect on the journey of faith.  What do we need to make sure we pack?  What does the Journey of Faith look like?

David denHartog teaches about Proportional Giving at the Next Step Commitment Event held at the Cleburne Conference Center.  The widow was commended by Jesus because what she gave was a greater percentage of what she had; compared to the others – who still had much left over after they gave.

David denHartog teaches on Matthew 6:19-34 about sacrificial giving.  Sacrificial giving goes beyond the tithe, which is the standard of giving and was begun with Abraham.  Pastor Dave answers two questions: 1.  What is the motivation for sacrificial giving?  and 2. What hinders us from giving beyond the tithe?

Dean Elliott teaches from Joshua 5-7 about what happens when giving (and not expecting anything in return) feels like a waste.  People may feel this way because they haven’t understood what its all about or have forgotten what its all about.  The remedy is to understand what giving is all about and commit oursleves to honoring […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Philippians 4:10-20 about giving and why Christians should be characterized by their giving.  Paul gives a definition of Christian giving and 4 reasonable, Biblical explanations of what you can expect in return when you give.

David denHartog and Dean Elliott explain who we are and our mission as a church.  They also explain where we have been, where we are headed, and WHY.  They answer many questions about the upcoming campaign during this service. Corresponding slideshow in .PDF – Next Step Vision Gathering Slides Click HERE to watch the live recording of […]