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Sermons Category: Invitation to Joy

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Dean Elliott teaches in the last sermon on Philippians about gentleness.  Gentleness is to be one of the calling cards of a Christian and often the greatest demonstration comes in the midst of a conflict.  Dean gives us 3 things that we can do to help us be more gentle when we are caught off […]

Most people go to church because they are hunting for something.  Do you realize that God is also hunting for something too?  Dean Elliott teaches from Philippians 3:17-4:1 about the thing that God is looking for in you.

David denHartog teaches from Philippians 3:12-16 about what it means to run to win.  There are many winners in the Christian life, in that those who believe in Jesus Christ will enter the kingdom of heaven.  But, there are truths to embrace as we run this race so that a Christian may hear “well done, good and […]

David denHartog teaches on Philippians 3:1-11 about the one important thing in a Christian’s life.

David denHartog teaches from Philippians 2:19-30 on two qualities that we need to make part of our lives.  If we do, then God can use us to spread the Gospel and further His kingdom.  Joy comes when we impact the lives of others.

David denHartog teaches from Philippians 2:12-18 on what can stunt our spiritual growth.  It will snuff out our joy and lessen our impact on others.  He also brings clarity to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling,” in verse 12.

Dean Elliott teaches from Philippians 2:5-11 about how Jesus chose the way of weakness.  To be part of the family, to play on the team, we must also chose the way of weakness.

Dean Elliott teaches from Philippians 1:27 – 2:4 on two characteristics that give us a resemblance to Jesus and the family of God.

David denHartog speaks about how we can have joy, even when life takes a wrong turn.  Paul’s life seemingly took many ‘wrong’ turns, but he still expressed joy because he had an eternal perspective.

David denHartog teaches from Philippians 1:1-11 about how we can “be somebody” – to leave our mark on this world and make an impact for the furtherance of the Gospel.

Happiness is one of the most sought after things in a person’s life, but once attained, does not stay for long.  Joy, on the other hand, is lasting.  How do we experience joy in life?  Pastor David denHartog, in the first of the series, gives an overview of Philippians and 3 factors that contribute to […]