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Sermons Category: Leviticus

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Dr. Mitch Glaser joins us for Missions Awareness Sunday. Mitch teaches from Leviticus 23. We will see how these Festivals teach us about God’s plans, and how each Festival also points to Jesus. Additional Scripture References: Romans 11:25

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 16, which gives instructions about the Day of Atonement to the Jewish people.  This was the most important day on the Jewish calendar and it delivers a clear picture of what Jesus did for us.  Are we walking in forgiveness? Are we extending that to others? Additional Scripture references: Hebrews […]

*Please note – this sermon is preached from a passage that requires maturity.  The message is suitable for pre-teens and teens. Please be prepared to answer any of your children’s questions should they arise after referencing Leviticus 18.  Thank you for your support as we look through all of Scripture as the infallible, inspired Word […]

Dean Elliott teaches on Leviticus 12-15.  We live in a world that is broken; a world that doesn’t work right.  There are circumstances beyond our control, tragedies and difficulties, and not all of it is for only the unbeliever.  What are the circumstances of Leviticus 12-15?   Why would God give these laws?  Where does […]

David denHartog teaches from Leviticus 11:1-47, which explains dietary restrictions given to the Israelites.  Why were these important?  What did it look like for Israel to be set apart?  What does the New Testament have to say in regard to these same things?  What does it look like for us to be set apart? Additional […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 10, which has three distinct parts.  There is an incident and an accompanying proclamation, then the first piece of statutory law for priests that seems out of place because it is not with the rest of the rules found later in Leviticus, and an epilogue narrative.

David denHartog teaches from Leviticus 9:1-24.  Is going to church and/or your quiet time with God just a box to check off or is it a time to connect with Him?  How do we experience fellowship with God?  What are the factors necessary if God is going to show up? Additional Scripture references: Revelation 3:20; […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 8, which shows us our need for a high priest.  Aaron was the first high priest and a foreshadow of Jesus.  We also need a priesthood.  What clothing did the High Priest wear?  What does it mean for us today?  Who is the priesthood today? Additional Scripture references:  I Peter […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 5:14 – 6:7.  This offering is an continuation, and subcategory, of the sin offering that was taught last week and is in regard to any of the Lord’s holy things.  How do we move from being clueless about our sins to being Godly?  How do make things right with God, […]

David denHartog teaches from Leviticus 4:1-5:13.  There are lots of things we do that unintentionally hurt another person.  The offering in this passage is the ‘sin offering’ or ‘purification offering.’  Its purpose was to restore fellowship with God.  What does the offering cover?  What does this offering mean for us today? Additional Scripture references:  I […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 3 and 7. The Peace Offering is the third and center of five offerings.  There are three important points to keep in mind as we study this offering: 1. What part of the meal is it?  2. Who’s invited to the meal?  3.  What’s the occasion? Additional Scripture references: I […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 2, in the series: HOLY HOLY HOLY, Lord God Almighty.  The second offering taught about is a grain, or a meal, offering.  The Grain Offering had three purposes.  We also learn about the elements of the grain offering, its the price, the procedure.  What does this mean for us today?  […]

David denHartog teaches the first in a new series on Leviticus: HOLY HOLY HOLY Lord God Almighty.  Through Leviticus, we can greater understand the work of Jesus Christ.  The dominant theme in Leviticus is holiness and how to maintain fellowship with a holy God.  In Leviticus 1:1-9, we see the offering of the burnt offering.   […]

People wear different hats in different places and for different purposes.  So also, people wear different ‘hats’ in their families and at different stages of their lives.  But the command to “Honor your father and mother,” from Deuteronomy 5:16, is given to all people.  David denHartog continues the Family Portrait series explaining what the command means and how […]

David denHartog teaches about the Jewish Feasts, found in Leviticus 23.  The feasts point to what has happened in Israel’s past and what will happen in their future.  We don’t know how close the end is, but we do know that God is setting the stage for when Jesus is to return.  The Blood Moons […]