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David denHartog teaches from Matthew 28:16-17 and 24:36-44 for Easter Sunday. Jesus’ resurrection is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions. It’s a miracle hard to believe, but God calls believers to trust and believe it. The resurrection miracle had to take place first before the miracle of Christ’s return can someday happen. Additional […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 6:19-20, 25:21, and  23.

Kevin Bentley teachers from Matthew 5. We can love others by serving our local communities outside of the church walls. Because of Christ in us, we are light to a dark world. What hope does the world have if Christians don’t live their lives faithfully as the salt and light of the world. And, this […]

David denhartog teaches from Matthew 18:1-20 on Easter Sunday.  What is God’s Message for a messed up world?  Is there any hope for change?  The answer to these questions are in the message of the Resurrection and the mission that Jesus gave to His followers before he left this world. Additional Scripture References: Matthew 27:45-61; […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 27:27-56 on Good Friday.  What did the Roman soldiers observe when Jesus dies?  Who were these Gentiles?

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 26-27.  In these two chapters of Matthew, we look at the selection of the lamb for the sacrifice, which must be perfect and innocent.  We see Jesus stand trial in a religious court and a political court, and the pronouncement of innocence, even by his enemies.  We also see the determined […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 26:31 – 27:10.  This section of Matthew deliberately uses the profiles of four men to give a demonstration of why it is necessary for Jesus to die on the cross.  Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins is becoming increasingly more offensive in our culture.  There is no good […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 26:17-30.  Birthdays are important to celebrate.  As Christians, we also celebrate the birth of Jesus.  But, Christians are the only religion that celebrates the death of Jesus – at Easter and every time we participate in communion. The passage today is the account in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 26:1-16.  When we invest in something with money, it is wise to ask: “Is it worth our investment?”  This is true whether we are investing our money in a business venture or the stock market, or if we are purchasing a piece of real estate or an item of clothing […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Matthew 23:1-19.  In the book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, there is a struggle of right and wrong, of light and dark.  We even see this struggle in the Word of God in Romans 7, if you will. Matthew 23 begins Jesus’ last public sermon.  The woes […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 22: 34-46.  Building sandcastles is fun and there are some that build very elaborate structures, but all of that effort to what end?  The tide always comes in.  Much of what we do in this life is like that – it will be swept away in the tide of time. […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 22:15-33.  In this passage, we see the hostility of the religious leaders toward Jesus.  God’s kingdom is coming, like a charging rhino, and there will be nothing that stops it.  However, the religious leaders wish to stop Jesus and take the inheritance for themselves (Matthew 21:45-46).  They bring up three […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 22:1-14.  This parable of the wedding banquet shows us five different responses to God’s invitation to join his kingdom.  How have you responded to God’s invitation?  How do others respond when you share the story of your faith? Additional Scripture references: Psalm 45; Hebrew 11:9-10; Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 6:19; Colossians […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 21:23-46.  Some Seniors graduating from high school know what they want to do in life, and some struggle.  In the pandemic, it is difficult to know what our purpose is.  But, what is God’s intended purpose for our life?  There is one purpose that is far more important than occupation […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Matthew 20:29 – 21:22.  An “oxymoron” is a word or phrase that uses two contradictory words together to describe something.  In these passages, we see Jesus as Humble King.  Success in the kingdom of God is an oxymoron – for the first shall be last and the last shall be first. […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 20:17-28.  Instinctively, we as humans, want to be in charge.  This passage warns about the things we are willing to do for power or control.  However, in God’s kingdom, our reward doesn’t come now, it comes when Jesus returns to earth again. Additional Scripture references: Matthew 16:15-23, 17:11-13; Acts 1

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 19:27 to 20:16, continuing the Behold the King series from Matthew.  While this message is not intended to be a “New Year’s Message,” this passage in Scripture does help us in evaluating the past year and evaluating the upcoming year for the possibilities that it holds.  This passage is mindful […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Matthew 19:16-22. Additional Scripture references: John 9; John 10:10; Deuteronomy 29:29; Galatians 3:21; Mark 10:21

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 19:1-12.  Often when one goes on a vacation, the place you arrive at is not nearly as nice looking as the brochures that one saw when choosing the place.  In a similar way, marriage is often much more difficult than one thought it was going to be when one was […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 18:21-35.  The Box Jellyfish is the most venomous animal on earth.  One needs the antidote in fifteen minutes in order to avoid permanent and life-threatening damage.  The same is true in our lives – we need an antidote to avoid the permanent and life-threatening damage that occurs when we come […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 18:15-20, continuing the Behold the King series.  This is part of a larger section explaining how we are to conduct ourselves in the midst of the kingdom of God in its mystery form.  We are called to be on a rescue mission.  We are to tell others the Gospel message, but […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 18:1-14.  If we are to have success in this world for the kingdom of God, not only will be have to pray and fast and humble ourselves, but we will have to be like a little child.  What did Jesus mean by this?  Dean helps us to understand three tests […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 14:22-27.  On the journey of life, we encounter obstacles or offenses that separate us from God.  Sometimes they are the result of our own sins and choices and sometimes they are due to the sin and choices or others.  These obstacles have to be gotten through in order to walk […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 17:14-21.  In your life, do you ever feel like all you do is spin your wheels?  We want to make changes, be free from an addiction, see progress in our ministry, but we can’t change or don’t see any impact.  We feel powerless.  Real change in ourselves or in others […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 17:1-13.  Every General knows the importance of a battle plan when going into a battle, but its often his final charge that becomes the motivation for his troops as they engage the enemy.  And that General knows the importance of motivation.  Every coach knows the importance of a game plan, […]

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