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Dean Elliott continues his teaching on idolatry from Judges 6-8. A hammer has design, purpose and direction.  Dean uses it as a metaphor to explain something of human nature.  We were created to worship something, specifically to bring Glory to God and to be used by Him.  What are you gripped by and where are you […]

Dean Elliott uses excerpts from Judges 6-9 to help us understand how we can identify our idols.  An idol is any thing that is more important that God.  It is often easy to identify the negative idols, but good things can also be idols.  You might have an idol if…. Additional Scripture references: James 4:3, […]

God can take the stuff that no one else wants, the junk, and make a masterpiece with it.  God uses the prostitute Rahab to save two spies in Joshua 2, and later we discover she becomes part of the lineage of Jesus.  She is also mentioned in Hebrews 11 for her faith.  She came to […]

Dean Elliott teaches through Judges 13-16, looking more specifically at the event at the end of Samson’s life where he brings the house down.  There is a convergence of God’s will and Samson’s will.  Dean explains two steps, a great obstacle, and the only solution that we must come to if we also want to bring the […]

David denHartog continues the Sermon on the Mount, with Matthew 7:13-20.  Every day we are faced with choices.  In reality, there are two major choices that we have in life.  Jesus describes these choices and then he gives us a warning about those that might lead us into the wrong choice.  This is the Epilogue […]