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Sermons Category: Elijah: A Man on a Mission

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David denHartog teaches from I Kings 19:1-19 on depression. This episode in Elijah’s life shows us four major causes of depression and four ways that God answered.

David denHartog teaches the third in the “Elijah: A Man on a Mission” series.  All of us have a prodigal somewhere in our life that we are concerned about and for whom we would like desperately to see changed.  Is there anything we can still do, even when change does not seem like it is […]

There are times in life when we need to know who’s in charge – in a restaurant, in a business, in a ministry.  We want to know who’s calling the shots?  We also need to have a deep conviction about who’s in charge of our lives for emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.  The theme of […]

David den Hartog teaches the first in a series from 1 Kings 17.  This was a time in Israel’s history where the state of the nation was just as bad as America’s culture today.  “What America Needs Now” is people that are committed to believe and live under the authority of God’s Word.