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Sermons Category: End Times

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David denHartog teaches the third and last in the series on the Blood Moons.  In this sermon, Pastor David explains the side of those that believe the Blood Moons are a “harbinger” and contrasts it with those that believe it is more “hype.”  He explains our church’s stance – the bigger question is how are […]

David denHartog teaches about the Jewish Feasts, found in Leviticus 23.  The feasts point to what has happened in Israel’s past and what will happen in their future.  We don’t know how close the end is, but we do know that God is setting the stage for when Jesus is to return.  The Blood Moons […]

In this message, Pastor David  begins a short prophetic series on the subject of “Blood Moons,” a relatively “hot” topic in many Christian circles today.  This message lays the foundation for the series and conclusions as it addresses three important positions people have with regard to the prophetic calendar and future events.  Two of those […]