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Dean Elliott teaches from James 5:7-17, a continuation from last week.  We are all capable of being ticking time bomb – exploding when our wants are not met in the way we want them.  But God has provided a way for us to disarm the bomb of our flesh and to reconnect with Him.  Will […]

Dean Elliott continues the Disagreements Without Division series by teaching from James 4:1-6.  Do you remember that you are always capable of being the bad guy?  Why do we forget to be slow to speak and slow to anger?  If we don’t disarm our broken hearts from the issue at hand, whatever the conflict is, and […]

David denHartog begins a series on Disagreements Without Division.  The reasons for disagreements are many… so how do we deal with them so they don’t lead to divisions: divorce, church splits, broken relationships, and more.  Beginning with James 1:19, Pastor David gives us four points we are to remember as we nip it in the […]

Dean Elliott continues the theme of the previous series, going through the elements of the prayer challenge from last week’s sermon (also listed below).  Prayer is a process, much like a roller coaster ride, and effective prayer begins with examining our own heart.  Dean uses James 1:15-23 to walk us through what that looks like. Prayer Challenge […]

David denHartog teaches the third in the “Elijah: A Man on a Mission” series.  All of us have a prodigal somewhere in our life that we are concerned about and for whom we would like desperately to see changed.  Is there anything we can still do, even when change does not seem like it is […]