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Kevin Sale leads a panel for our annual Youth Sunday. Kevin covers the “why” of each point from the Youth Ministries mission statement. Then we will hear from the panel candidates who are each in a different walk of life but have all been impacted by the Youth Ministry in various different ways. Scripture References: […]

Cleburne Bible Church is constitutionally required to share a ‘state of the church’ once a year.  David denHartog, Dean Elliott, Tom Worthley, Kevin Bentley, Kevin Sale, Vicki Neutzler, Eric Bishop and Leigh Worthley share what God has done in 2022, celebrating His faithfulness. We also take a brief look at the mission of CBC, goals […]

Thanksgiving devotional by David denHartog. Testimonies & praise of God’s Work in the lives of CBC members and attenders during 2nd Service.

Several CBC members/attenders open their hearts and share how God has been working in their lives in the past year. (Please note: the video includes the entire worship service, whereas the audio contains only the testimony portion.)

Dean Elliott teaches just a bit about why Christians should be thankful and why its critical to our spiritual health. Scripture references: Romans 1:21; Proverbs 29:25; Matthew 24:12 (Please note: the video includes the entire worship service, whereas the audio contains only the devotional and Communion portions.)

Evangelism, Spiritual Growth

When life gets rough or isn’t going your way, how do you respond?  Even if you initially flip out, the posture you take over time indicates your spiritual maturity.  Don Hunt teaches from various Bible passages about three characteristics that can be found in the spiritually mature Christian. Scripture references: Psalm 27:14, 37:7 & 34, […]

Don Hunt dramatically retells the story of the Jailer and Paul, from the Jailer’s perspective, found in Acts 16:16-34.  In order to see the stars in the sky, it has to be dark outside.  In jail, Paul was in a dark situation and he chose to shine by worshiping. Do we shine like stars?  Are […]

Don Hunt teaches from John 3:1-17.  It is the story of Nicodemus, a Pharisee who comes to Jesus with some questions.

Dean Elliott teaches the first in a series on Psalm 40 about learning to feed yourself, spiritually speaking.  Why is spiritual food important?  What does it mean to feed yourself?  What are your expectations?  Any church is only as strong as the devotional life of its individual people.

What is God’s answer to a world and individual lives that are in a mess? This Easter, David denHartog explains 3 important truths that are all connected to the resurrection.  Because Jesus Lives…

Pastors David denHartog, Dean Elliott, and Don Hunt give a picture of where Cleburne Bible Church has been in the past, where we are now, and our plans for 2015.  They share the stories of people in the church who have chosen to “Join the Team” in various ministries.  Will you join the team in […]

David denHartog wants us to do an annual check-up of the church.  What is the purpose of the church?  What are we to be doing? Are we growing?  In looking at the life of the church, it gives us an opportunity for us to look at our individual lives for a church is not just a […]

Guest teacher Gene Getz wants us to ask the questions: “To what extent do I appreciate that I have available to me, in my language, the entire Bible? And to what extent have I taken if for granted?”  God wants us to know His will.  And has given us His Word. For more information about […]

Dean Elliott talks about what kind of relationship God wants with each of His children and how we can go about getting that relationship.  Scripture based in Psalm 23 and Romans 5:1-5.

David denHartog gives an overview of Ecclesiastes, a book which helps to answer the questions we have when events seem needless or absurd or mundane.  Where is God in all of those?

Don Hunt teaches from John 20:19-23 about what its like to be ‘sent.’  To be effective, we really need to understand what it means to be sent and who you are sent to and really keep the end in mind.  We also need to follow Jesus and his example.

Dean Elliott uses Jacob’s prayer found in Genesis 32:22-32 to challenge our concept of prayer and blessing.  Prayer is not like chisel and a hammer and carve out something that we like (like in the Greek myth Pygmalion).  But rather, when you have a real encounter with God, He uses it to change you.  Prayer […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Exodus 20:1-17 about the Ten Commandments and what God really, really wants from us.  God clearly identifies in the 10 Commandments as to what He wants and what it isn’t.

Baruch Lieberman shares his personal story, about his congregation in Jerusalem – Shemen Sasson – and about the Jewish people.  He teaches from Ezekiel 37 and Romans 11.  He also shares ways that we can be praying for him and Jerusalem.  God can find a key to unlock anyone’s heart, even those that seem like […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Matthew 25:13-30 on the Parable of the Talents.  In the game of Risk, if you risk nothing then you’re probably going to gain nothing.  There is also an element of risk in our spiritual lives as well.  This parable is about how saving faith manifests itself in practical terms and eternal […]

Dean Elliott teaches through Psalm 26.  The Psalm is about integrity – what it is; what it isn’t; and what God does with it. In the Psalm, David is being honest about who he is and this honesty allows him to connect with God more intimately.

Don Hunt teaches from Luke 24:1-12 with a challenge to look at where you find life.  The Disciples went to look for Jesus at the tomb and were challenged, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

Dean Elliott teaches from Psalm 27 about allowing our weaknesses to be reminders to connect with God and allowing Him to complete you.  We should see our weaknesses as gifts instead of trying to compensate for them or get rid of them.  Weakness is not wickedness, but what you do with your weaknesses could turn […]