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Dean Elliot teaches from Acts 15. In today’s passage, we will see the fourth internal threat to the church. Peter will point out that keeping rules and traditions does not get people into heaven. Only by grace people can be saved through faith in Jesus. That’s it, nothing else. Additional Scripture References: Acts 14:27-28; Romans 3

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 14. In today’s passage, we will see what happens when the Gospel is proclaimed and what happens after. Believers should be able to clearly display the truth they live by as opposed to the lies of the world. They shouldn’t compromise God’s word. Some people will not like when believers […]

Today we celebrate all mothers who are truly a blessing to us all. Happy Mother’s Day! David denHartog teaches from Acts 13. In order to share the gospel most effectively we must know the basics about the Doctrine of Salvation which Paul goes over in this passage.   Additional Scripture References. Romans 1:16; Ephesians 2:8-9

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 13. In addition to praying for the Lord’s Kingdom to come, we must also pray for people who are willing to do His kingdom work and God will use those who are faithful and obedient to His will. The Jewish church has spread, so now we will begin to see […]

David denHartog teaches from Acts 12. Suffering and persecution often happen to those who believe in the gospel, but all people, believers or not, will at one point suffer in this life because we live in a broken world. Many times God does not intervene in our sufferings, but that does not mean He isn’t […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 11. As stated in last week’s sermon, when something is mentioned several times in one passage, it’s very important. In today’s passage, we will see how believers have an important job to do and that job will not be fully accomplished until Jesus returns. We will also see how we […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 11. We will see the gospel’s good news come to the Gentiles and their faith in Christ change the dynamics of the early church. It was a difficult transition for the believing Jews to welcome believing Gentiles. But in the end, we will see Christian Jews and Gentiles work out […]

For Easter Sunday, David denHartog teaches from Romans 8. Each person has the choice to submit to the law of flesh or the law of the spirit. We will see a clear definition of someone who has the Holy Spirit living in them. Christians receive the Holy Spirit after putting faith in Christ alone, but […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Mark 15 for Maundy Thursday in place of Good Friday this year. We will see the timeline of what seems to be one very long day for Christ Jesus. He endured the cross for your sins and the sins of the world.

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 10. In this passage, we see God setting the scene for the beginning of the international church. There are believers amongst the Jews, Samaritans, and now Gentiles after Peter shares the Gospel with Cornelius and his house. God divinely prepared these gentiles to hear Peter preach. God shows no partiality. Jesus […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 10.  God gave Abraham a promise over 2000 years ago that He has yet to revoke. In this passage, we will see an example of how God fulfills His promise of blessing His people. Every person has been designed to respond to God, but some people may be missing the […]

Kevin Bentley preaches from Acts 9. In this passage, we will see how Peter imitates Jesus Christ, just as we should. Imitating Jesus is a great testament of our faith to those around us. Everyone has a role to play as they imitate Jesus. What is your role? What things will people remember about you […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 9. God will go to great lengths to put us before the people we need to share the gospel with. Regardless of how those people may look, talk, or dress, we still need to share our salvation testimony and stories with them of what Christ Jesus has redeemed and delivered […]

David denHartog teaches from Acts 9. There are two types of people. Those who are ready to put their faith in Jesus when someone comes along to water seeds that have already been planted within them. Then, there are those who are like Saul, tough or hostile and want nothing to do with Jesus. In […]

Kevin Sale teaches from 2 Timothy. We will see three main points in the passage: Kevin calls them the antidote to shame. Believers have the privilege to share the cure to sin in a broken world. With the antidote to shame, believers can boldly proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth as they […]

David denHartog teaches from Acts 8. There are no coincidences in life, the Gospel, or in evangelism. In this passage, we will see that those who search for God will be found by him. God wants to use all his people to share the gospel so that anyone and everyone may come to know Him. […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 8. In this passage we will see how the gospel expands to various surrounding regions. This act is an illustration of  God using difficult things for good. But none of this could be done with out the power of the Holy Spirit within those who believe. Additional Scripture References: 1 […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 6 and 7. Stephen delivers a powerful sermon prior to being stoned. In his sermon he brings revelation to the jewish counsel who misunderstands Jesus. We will see the pattern of selection, rejection and then suspension of God’s blessing. This pattern that we see often in scripture, could be used […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 6. We must never quit sharing the gospel and we must also never stop loving and serving others. But those who are called to preach and teach cannot be the ones to do everything much less do it all well. Church members are needed to help with serving in other areas aside […]

David denHartog teaches from Acts 5. This passage is the first arrest of all 12 apostles and perhaps the greatest jail break in the entire Bible. It begins with an arrest, then an escape, a re-arrest and at last they were let go. We will see how nothing can stop what God has planned, He […]

Don denHartog teachers from Colossians 4:12. Effective prayer is hard work. Specific details should be part of effective prayers. Wrestling in prayer is the efforts that must be put forth for effective prayers. Anyone who has a prayer wrestler praying for them is a blessed person! Additional Scripture references: Matthew 5:3-12  

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 5. Moving into the new year we must focus on being obedient as well as good stewards of what the Lord has given to us. When we get to the root of our sin, we can often find pride. God will judge our sin to reveal to us the work […]

David denHartog teaches from Genesis. The illustration of a lion and a lamb speaks of everything that Jesus was, is and will be forever. This illustration begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. Before He was ever born, Jesus was prophesied about thousands of years ago. We will see some prophesies in these Old Testament […]

Dean Elliott teaches on Genesis 3. Christmas is truly about one thing, it always has been. In today’s passage we will see the first promise of Christmas that was made over 2000 years ago. Every year celebrating Christmas should be a reminder of this promise. Additional Scripture References: Acts 3:20; Isaiah 7:14; Revelation 16:15

David denHartog teaches from Acts 4. Often times we find ourselves struggling with sharing the gospel to those closest to us. First there must be a desire within us which will then allow space for a supernatural boldness to work through us. This boldness comes from the power of the Holy Spirit and can be […]

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