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Kevin Sale teaches from II Timothy 4 on Student Ministry Sunday.  There is a strong temptation to look at our children and say we’re too busy to play or have too much going on to pour into them; the temptation to just make sure they are just taken care of while we go on about […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 8, which shows us our need for a high priest.  Aaron was the first high priest and a foreshadow of Jesus.  We also need a priesthood.  What clothing did the High Priest wear?  What does it mean for us today?  Who is the priesthood today? Additional Scripture references:  I Peter […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 5:14 – 6:7.  This offering is an continuation, and subcategory, of the sin offering that was taught last week and is in regard to any of the Lord’s holy things.  How do we move from being clueless about our sins to being Godly?  How do make things right with God, […]

David denHartog teaches from Leviticus 4:1-5:13.  There are lots of things we do that unintentionally hurt another person.  The offering in this passage is the ‘sin offering’ or ‘purification offering.’  Its purpose was to restore fellowship with God.  What does the offering cover?  What does this offering mean for us today? Additional Scripture references:  I […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Leviticus 3 and 7. The Peace Offering is the third and center of five offerings.  There are three important points to keep in mind as we study this offering: 1. What part of the meal is it?  2. Who’s invited to the meal?  3.  What’s the occasion? Additional Scripture references: I […]

David denHartog, for Easter Sunday, teaches from Romans 5:8-10.  Easter is about transformed lives.  How do you experience such a life?  The same power that resurrected Jesus from the grave is available to you and I to transform and change our lives.  How does one turn on that power? Additional Scripture references:  Romans 3:23; Romans […]

Dean Elliott teaches from John 6 on Good Friday.  Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone.  Why follow Jesus?  Can he provide what we need?

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 2, in the series: HOLY HOLY HOLY, Lord God Almighty.  The second offering taught about is a grain, or a meal, offering.  The Grain Offering had three purposes.  We also learn about the elements of the grain offering, its the price, the procedure.  What does this mean for us today?  […]

David denHartog teaches the first in a new series on Leviticus: HOLY HOLY HOLY Lord God Almighty.  Through Leviticus, we can greater understand the work of Jesus Christ.  The dominant theme in Leviticus is holiness and how to maintain fellowship with a holy God.  In Leviticus 1:1-9, we see the offering of the burnt offering.   […]

David denHartog interacts with Steve and Ruth Porter, as they tell their story – of their call to the mission field, how they got there, and of their time and experiences on the mission field in Nigeria, Africa. Additional Scripture references: Isaiah 53:6; Hebrews 11:32-40

David denHartog teaches from Ezekiel 38, as an epilogue to the series: What in the World is Happening?  The world is changing at a rapid rate and we live in very uncertain times.  What we need are some anchors of truth that will keep us strong and steadfast.  As believers, we are not to be […]

Dean Elliott teaches from 2 Thessalonians 3:6-18.  It is not the Day of the Lord yet, so what do we do while we wait?  Are you working?  Or, are you considered dead weight, and relying on someone else?  In this passage, we see a general principle that encompasses two commands.

Kevin Bentley teaches from II Thessalonians 3:1-5.  In this passage, Paul is really making a declaration of war of a different kind.  We as believers are fighting a spiritual war that underlies all of man’s wars.  There is a battle for the salvation of souls, for our eternal destiny.  In light of the persecution of […]

Kevin Sale teaches from Mark 10:32-45 as part of the Discipleship Now (DNOW) weekend, which was focused on helping students in 6th-12th grades to be able to see the big picture – of Jesus as King on his throne.  We all would like to make a name for ourselves.  Is it important to look at […]

Dean Elliott teaches from 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17.  God’s kingdom can be likened to a train that is barreling through history.  God has decided what the destination of the train will be, and the best place to be is on the train.  The way to get on the train is to believe that Jesus paid the […]

In Psalm 136, we see a recount of God’s loyal love through creation and the story of Israel.  We are called to celebrate God’s loyal love, His “hesed.”  Cleburne Bible is required by its constitution to share a ‘state of the church’ every year.  David denHartog, Dean Elliott, Tom Worthley, Kevin Bentley, Kevin Sale, and […]

David denHartog teaches from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.  Our world is indeed falling apart.  God is setting the stage for “The Day of the Lord,” which commences with the tribulation period.  We are not there yet, but it could happen at any time.  What should be our response to all of this?  In this passage, we […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from 2 Thessalonians 1:6-12.  Life only makes sense when you have the correct and accurate information.  Being misguided leads to incorrect interpretations.

Dean Elliott teaches from 2 Thessalonians 1:1-5.

David denHartog teaches the first in a new series, What in the World is Happening?   We live in a changing world, and there is much misinformation that you and I are subject to.  When there is misinformation, there is often misapplication on we should live our life.  The Thessalonians didn’t know what was happening in […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Colossians 4:7-18, the last of the series in “Christ, Our Life.”  Lists of names are typically not interesting, unless your name is on the list or you know some of the people on the list.  This section is largely a list of names and represents an ancient snapshot of Paul’s life […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Colossians 4:2-6, continuing the series, “Christ, Our Life.”  In this passage, Paul casually mentions a stewardship that is unique to Christians: only Christians have access to the throne room of God and have the power of God inside them.  All people are given the same amount of time.  How do we […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Colossians 3:18 – 4:1.  In Colossians, this is where believers put into practice what has come before — where the rubber meets the road.

David denHartog continues the Christmas story, from Luke 2:21-38.  There are times in life when we think we know someone, but think of them better than they actually are or think them worse than they actually are.  When it comes to our knowledge of our Jesus Christ, sometimes we think little when He is much, […]

David denHartog begins the Christmas series teaching from Genesis 3:14-15, Luke 2:1-14, and Revelation 12:1-5.  Like the beachhead on the Normandy coast that led to the victory of the Allies in World War II, so Jesus’ birth established a beachhead and victory for the heavenly realms.  In Genesis 3:14-15, we see God’s declaration of war […]

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