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Sermons Category: 1 Samuel

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Dean Elliott concludes the Family Portrait series with “Making Peace.”  It is as difficult to find common ground in our families as it is to find common ground in our nation.  But it is important in our family to evangelize and lead our kids to Christ.  Dean uses the story found in I Samuel 25 to […]

David denHartog completes the Making a Difference series with “The Fundamentals.”  Fundamentals are important – not only in sports, but also to the Christian life.  They’re important to see God work in our lives and the lives of others.  If we are to make a difference in our culture, we need to have effective prayer.   At […]

David denHartog continues the story of Samuel in the Making a Difference series.  As Samuel heard God’s voice in I Samuel 3, he was asked to speak into the life of the High Priest of Isreal.  For the life of the High Priest was a mess.  God is also calling us, as believers in Jesus Christ, to speak […]

David denHartog continues teaching on how we can make a difference in our world today.  It is difficult to parent; a challenge to be a good father.  These are hard days in which to raise a Godly family.  But, how do you raise children that are Godly?  What is the most important thing for Dads […]

David denHartog begins a new series, Making a Difference, on how we can make a difference in today’s culture.  He uses the example of Hannah from I Samuel 1 to help us understand how we can be effective mothers, as well as effective fathers and grandparents.

David denHartog explains that narcissism is an over-inflated view of one’s self and seeing life as revolving around them. It is ultimate self-centerdness.  Not many people are clinically diagnosed with narcissism, but there is at least a bit of selfishness in each of us and in each of our children.  What can we do in our parenting […]

Don Hunt teaches from 1 Samuel 13, using the life of King Saul to illustrate how we need to keep our hearts focused on God and keep our eyes and feelings accountable to the truths God has given us in His Scripture.  

Don Hunt teaches today from 1 Samuel 8 about the decision Israel made that changed the course of their history and made them look like everyone else.