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There are times in life when we need to know who’s in charge – in a restaurant, in a business, in a ministry.  We want to know who’s calling the shots?  We also need to have a deep conviction about who’s in charge of our lives for emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being.  The theme of […]

David denHartog explains that narcissism is an over-inflated view of one’s self and seeing life as revolving around them. It is ultimate self-centerdness.  Not many people are clinically diagnosed with narcissism, but there is at least a bit of selfishness in each of us and in each of our children.  What can we do in our parenting […]

Celebration Sunday – May 4, 2014 Join us as we Celebrate what God has done over the last year in regards to the Next Step Campaign and Praise the Lord! Next Step Campaign update by Bobby de la Garza.  Sermon from Psalm 81 by David denHartog.  Future plans by Dean Elliott.  Children are from the […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 5:33 – 6:11.  The internship continues as Jesus teaches the Disciples about the three R’s – religion, rules, relationship – in a series of encounters with the Pharisees.  As fishers of men, we also need to know and understand the differences between the three.  What are we inviting people to join? […]

David denHartog teaches the last sermon in his “Encouragement: A Key to Caring” series.  Today’s sermon answers the question “How does God want us to respond to those who fail?”  Once again, we look at the life of Barnabas as an example, and the life of John Mark. Main Scripture passages: Galations 6:1-4; 2 Corinthians […]

Don Hunt teaches from Jonah 1:1-16.  Jonah priorities were not in the right order, and so he choose to not follow God’s commands.