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Suhkwant Bhatia, President and CEO of Seek Partners International, Inc., shares about the challenges of ministry being the same around the world and how pastoring a church is one of the most difficult jobs here and overseas. We see from the beginning of the Bible in Genesis, all the way to Revelation, that God wants to […]

Dean Elliott teaches from John 6 on Good Friday.  Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone.  Why follow Jesus?  Can he provide what we need?

Dwight Edwards teaches from John 15.   The single greatest enemy to the best life is the good life.  What is the best life?  God wants to use our lives to reach those around us. What percentage of our lives is actually getting through to a broken world?

David denHartog teaches from Exodus 17:1-7 and John 7:37-39.  Our physical body longs for water and needs it to live.  The same is true of our spiritual body.  Our spiritual thirst can only be taken care of by Jesus, the living water.  Pastor David connects portraits of Jesus found in the Old Testament, with the […]

David denHartog teaches from Genesis 28 and John 1, in the first part of the Christmas series, “Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament.”  A picture, or knowing what someone looks like, is often the first step of an attraction to someone; leading to falling in love.  The Old Testament paints a picture of Christ […]

David denHartog remembers the joy that farmers in Iowa had as they brought in the harvest each year.  Spiritually, too, we share in the joy of the harvest when someone comes to know Christ, or we know we have had a part in that process.  John 15:1-17 speaks about the joy and fruit and abiding […]

David denHartog teaches from John 4:1-26, the account of the Woman at the Well.  Many of us have been taught to memorize a presentation when sharing the Gospel with others, but its not where most of us are in the ability to share our faith.  Its not how we are most comfortable sharing.  The model […]

David denHartog explains the last three steps of the re:generation ministry.  Its what you’re hooked to in life that makes all the difference.  Some are hooked to an addiction; some to the American dream; some to the daily treadmill of everyday living; some to sports.  The problem is that most of us won’t admit that […]

Dean Elliott continues the Christmas series, And He Shall Be Called, explaining another title of Jesus. He is the Son of God.  Jesus is very God. Scripture Reference:  John 20:19-29

Dean Elliott continues the Together series by looking at the account of Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet in John 13:1-17.  This passage is not just about serving one another physically, but about serving one another spiritually, by dealing with sin together.  Dean explains two mistakes that need to be put away before we can be in community […]

Don Hunt teaches from John 4:26-54.  Its in-style these days to take something that is junk and redo it; give it a new look and a new plan.  God has done that with our lives as well.  He saved us not just to save us, but to give us purpose and a mission.  He wants […]

Dean Elliott continues Amber Alert: Lost in Johnson County, with a lesson from Mark 4:1-34.  Why does anyone want to listen to Jesus?  They listen because someone tells them about Him.  There are 3 spheres of responsibility when the Gospel is shared – our’s, their’s, and God’s. Scripture references: John 10:19; 2 Corinthians 4:1-5; John 6:44-47 (The […]

Dean Elliott teaches from John 15:26 to 16:33 about how he deals with Murphy’s law.  How do you react when everything goes wrong?

We all have failures and regrets in life.  The Old Testament is filled with people who made mistakes and failed.  The New Testament too – Peter denies Jesus three times.  Does God have a plan for people who have messed up?  Can God use your story of failure to help others?  David denHartog teaches from […]

Don Hunt continues teaching from John 10.

Don Hunt teaches from John 10:1-11 about the sheep who know the Shepherd’s voice.  Do you know the Shepherd’s voice?  Are you following Him?  Or, are you following the thief and the robber who try to come over the wall and steal you away with their shiny lures?

Don Hunt continues the Keeping Our Eye on the Finish Line series by explaining the importance of small groups.  What happens in a small group of people?  Why are they important for the growth of the church?  For the growth of individuals? Scripture references: John 14:7-16; I Corinthians 12:26; Proverbs 18:1; Hebrews 10:24-25

David denHartog exhorts us to keep our eye on the finish line if we are to succeed as a church.  What is our goal as a church?  What is our goal as individual believers?  How do we measure success at CBC?  Our goal comes from Matthew 28:19.  Pastor David uses selected verses from the Gospel […]

Dean Elliott concludes the series on John 14:6, teaching believers in Jesus Christ how to connect with God on a personal, regular basis.  Today, we learn about the third step in the pattern: life.  What is life?  What do we think it means?  What does the Bible say it is?

Dean Elliott continues to give believers in Jesus Christ practical, usable answers for coming into the presence of the living God.  It is our birthright, and it is not restricted to Sunday mornings or spiritual leaders or specific places.  It is according to a three-part pattern, carried out in a certain order.  Today, he teaches about the second […]

Dean Elliott continues teaching on how to have a quiet time.  John 14:6 gives us the pattern for coming into the presence of God, in order that we might be able to sustain the Christian life.  How do we have our buckets filled?  How can we enter into God’s presence?

Dean Elliott begins a new series focused on equipping individuals with the skill and confidence of truly connecting with God, in order that they may have life.  Today’s sermon is an overview of the four weeks on John 14:6.

This Easter Sunday, David denHartog teaches about heaven, where we are guaranteed to go if we have placed faith alone in Christ alone as our passport for entry. From John 14 and I John 3, we learn that heaven is a real place whose residents are people fully transformed into His likeness.

In the last of Beyond Hallmark series, David denHartog teaches from the Gospel of John on “Christmas Is About Forgiveness” at the Christmas Eve service.

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