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David denHartog teaches the last in the series “Elisha, Man of God” about an Living in an Uncertain World from II Kings 6:24-7:20.  We need an anchor for our soul when uncertain times leads to desperate situations so that we can be live in joy and share our hope. Other Scripture references: Deuteronomy 28:52-53; Joel 2:13; […]

David denHartog teaches the fourth in the “Elisha, Man of God” series from II Kings 6:8-23.  Fear is something that we all wrestle with, but the Christian doesn’t need to succumb to living in fear.  The answer for fear in the midst of difficult circumstances is praying and seeing with the eyes of faith.

David denHartog teaches from II Kings 5:1-27 about another miracle of Elisha.  This is the story of Naaman who is cleaned from his leprosy and his sin. At the beginning of the service, Pastor Dave also comments and prays about the supreme court decision on homosexual marriage.  

David denHartog teaches the second in the “Elisha, Man of God” Series.  In life, there are two ways to make decisions – one can either “live and learn” or “learn, and then live.”  With bad decisions come troubles and hardships.  In 2 Kings 3″1-27, we learn about a king who made an ill-advised decision.  How […]