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Do You Believe??

We feel the world unraveling around us – the culture in our country, but other countries as well.  We have to wonder where we are at in relation to the end times.  We cannot always say: “this is that,” but we can say: “this is leading to that.”  We need to look at current events in light of the Bible.  Do you really believe in the cross of Christ?  If you do, it places a demand on your life.  So it is if you believe that Jesus is coming again.  It should change the way you live.  What do the last days look like?  Dave give a big picture of the end times, and then a ‘picture in a picture’.

Eschatology – the study of final things, the study of last things
Dispensationalism – God works in different times and in different ways
(Cleburne Bible Church interprets the Bible with a normal, literal view of the scriptures unless its an obvious metaphor.)
Dispensational premillennialists –  You can read more about this HERE.

Links mentioned:  Joel Rosenburg’s blogThe Jerusalem Post

PDF of Dave’s powerpoint:  Prophecy Message PowerPoint