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Kevin Bentley teaches from Mark 12:38-44 as we continue our Forward By Faith Campaign. In today’s passage, we will see how Jesus teaches his disciples a lesson through a widow. Historically widows were symbols of a nation. We will see how this particular widow gave proportionally more than anyone else, not only in materials but […]

We will continue moving forward with our new building campaign. But what exactly does forward mean? Dean Elliott teaches about the biblical difference between God’s promises and our own presumptions. We cannot see what is in the future when we choose to move forward, but we know that God is faithful to His promises, which […]

CBC announces a new building campaign called Forward By Faith! David denHartog also teaches about how we can live a deeper life out by faith in Christ, not only for salvation but also as the lifestyle of a Christian. Scripture References: Ephesians 3:20-21; Proverbs 16:9; Hebrews 11:1; Proverbs 3:9-10; Malachi 3:8-11; Philippians 4:14-20; Acts 20:35; […]

Dr. Mitch Glaser joins us for Missions Awareness Sunday. Mitch teaches from Leviticus 23. We will see how these Festivals teach us about God’s plans, and how each Festival also points to Jesus. Additional Scripture References: Romans 11:25

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 20:13-38. In today’s passage, we will see a review of the past, a testimony of the present & a warning about the future. We will also discuss the meaning of shalom. Is your life characterized by shalom and how do you represent yourself around others? Additional Scripture References: Proverbs 16:2; […]

David denHartog teaches from Acts 20:1-12. To some degree, all believers are a shepherd of God’s flock. Shepherding plays a key roll in the life of believers since they can either shepherd those in their sphere of influence or be shepherded by someone. Today, we will see how Paul is an under-shepherd of God’s flock. […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 19:21-41. We will see what a win in Christianity looks like in today’s world. We will also see how it may be time for those who have been successful, to begin using a new strategy. Lastly, we must never forget that even when we experience success as Christians, the enemy […]

David denHartog teaches from Acts 19:8-20. We will go over four main points that will help believers be instruments in building God’s kingdom. Each one of these points is drawn directly from the text. The overall vision is to reach those beyond the church walls. Additional Scripture References: Psalm 103:1-5; Galatians 5:19-21

Tom Worthley teaches from Genesis 3. In a world of many messages, ideas, thoughts, and voices, we can trust only one voice and there is only one voice we should listen to. In today’s passage, we will see that God was the first to speak, and all He says is good and true. Therefore we […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 18 and 19. Sometimes God doesn’t immediately, if not at all, open doors for us even though we are trying to do good things. God’s plans are greater than ours and He could be preparing something far better than we could have imagined or anticipated on our own. In today’s […]

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