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David denHartog teaches from Acts 4. Often times we find ourselves struggling with sharing the gospel to those closest to us. First there must be a desire within us which will then allow space for a supernatural boldness to work through us. This boldness comes from the power of the Holy Spirit and can be […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 4. This will be the first trial of many, of the followers of Jesus. There are four observations  from this passage which includes: 1. Hostility roots towards the church, 2. Why the church does what it does, 3. Association with Christ Jesus, 4. CBC mission statement. Additional Scripture References: 2 […]

Thanksgiving devotional by David denHartog. Testimonies & praise of God’s Work in the lives of CBC members and attenders during 2nd Service.

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts 3. Peter is basically holding court in the temple, addressing the issue of sin. In this passage we will see contradictions, parallels, and prophecy. But importantly, we will also see practical truths that we can use in our day to day lives. Additional Scripture References: Numbers 35; Acts 4:4; Zachariah […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 3. God is spreading the Gospel message through the twelve disciples, to the early church. Everything is changing among believers because of the Holy Spirit now indwelling in them. But not all those who are witnessing the signs and wonders are being filled with the Holy Spirit immediately. We will see […]

David denHartog teaches from the last portion of Acts 2. In early verses, Peter tells us that the Jewish people were caught in the act and guilty of putting the Son of God on the cross. He later gives an invitation to these same people. But what exactly does this invitation mean?

Dean Elliott teaches from Acts 2. The disciples now have power to be witnesses, after the coming of the Holy Spirit upon them. The Holy Spirit is the power of the engine. Peter addresses Israel for what they’ve done to Jesus. However Jesus has accomplished what He came to do and now with the power of […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Acts chapter 2. The work of the Holy Spirit will always glorify Christ Jesus in the life of a believer. The work of the Holy Spirit was extremely pivotal at Pentecost since prior, He came and went but after, the Holy Spirit comes to stay with believers.  The Holy Spirit now […]

Pastor Dean teaches from the remaining scripture in Acts 1. We are to wait for the Holy Spirit as commanded by Jesus in the previous passage. But what are we to do while we wait? In this passage we will see that we are not to passively wait for the lord but rather actively wait.

David teaches from Acts 1. If we intend to be what Christ has called us to be, as Christians, there is one thing that is needed most. There are three parts in this passage that will reveal this. Through the intro, the instruction from Christ, and the ascension of Christ, we will see that it is […]

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