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Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 27:27-56 on Good Friday.  What did the Roman soldiers observe when Jesus dies?  Who were these Gentiles?

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 26-27.  In these two chapters of Matthew, we look at the selection of the lamb for the sacrifice, which must be perfect and innocent.  We see Jesus stand trial in a religious court and a political court, and the pronouncement of innocence, even by his enemies.  We also see the determined […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 26:31 – 27:10.  This section of Matthew deliberately uses the profiles of four men to give a demonstration of why it is necessary for Jesus to die on the cross.  Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins is becoming increasingly more offensive in our culture.  There is no good […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 26:17-30.  Birthdays are important to celebrate.  As Christians, we also celebrate the birth of Jesus.  But, Christians are the only religion that celebrates the death of Jesus – at Easter and every time we participate in communion. The passage today is the account in the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 26:1-16.  When we invest in something with money, it is wise to ask: “Is it worth our investment?”  This is true whether we are investing our money in a business venture or the stock market, or if we are purchasing a piece of real estate or an item of clothing […]

Kevin Sale teaches from Luke 23:32-34.  There have been many interruptions to our life lately – covid and a snow storm being two wide spread examples.  Jesus also interrupts our lives individually.  Kevin began to think about how Jesus and the Gospel interrupted his life, how God continues to interrupt the culture, and the means […]

Kevin Bentley teaches from Matthew 23:1-19.  In the book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, there is a struggle of right and wrong, of light and dark.  We even see this struggle in the Word of God in Romans 7, if you will. Matthew 23 begins Jesus’ last public sermon.  The woes […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 22: 34-46.  Building sandcastles is fun and there are some that build very elaborate structures, but all of that effort to what end?  The tide always comes in.  Much of what we do in this life is like that – it will be swept away in the tide of time. […]

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 22:15-33.  In this passage, we see the hostility of the religious leaders toward Jesus.  God’s kingdom is coming, like a charging rhino, and there will be nothing that stops it.  However, the religious leaders wish to stop Jesus and take the inheritance for themselves (Matthew 21:45-46).  They bring up three […]

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 22:1-14.  This parable of the wedding banquet shows us five different responses to God’s invitation to join his kingdom.  How have you responded to God’s invitation?  How do others respond when you share the story of your faith? Additional Scripture references: Psalm 45; Hebrew 11:9-10; Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 6:19; Colossians […]