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Grow Up!

Kevin Bentley teaches from 2 Peter 1:1-11; the first in the “Get Your Hopes Up” series. We want you to get your hopes up, as opposed to “don’t get your hopes up.” Second Peter is about living life today in the light of prophetic truth. We often have to reassess things in our life – […]

Tabgha: A Place of Hope for those Who’ve Failed

We all have failures and regrets in life.  The Old Testament is filled with people who made mistakes and failed.  The New Testament too – Peter denies Jesus three times.  Does God have a plan for people who have messed up?  Can God use your story of failure to help others?  David denHartog teaches from […]

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

There are three standards of evidence in our judicial system: preponderance of evidence; clear and convincing evidence; and evidence that is beyond reasonable doubt.  When it comes to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there are also three lines of evidence.  Pastor David denHartog explains them and expounds on evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt […]

The Purpose of Prophecy

Tied to the first coming of Christ, is the second coming – and this is our ultimate hope.  So, as we turn our attention to Jesus’ first coming during the Christmas season, we also want to focus on Christ’s second coming.  We need to be people of hope as we see our world unraveling.