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It’s Never Been Harder

David denHartog begins a series on the home and parenting.  Nothing is easy about building a family, but it has never been harder in our world today.  John White, in Parents in Pain, lists 5 factors that influence how a child’s turns out.  Pastor David adds a sixth influence, and all of it together paints […]

The Effective Mother

David denHartog begins a new series, Making a Difference, on how we can make a difference in today’s culture.  He uses the example of Hannah from I Samuel 1 to help us understand how we can be effective mothers, as well as effective fathers and grandparents.

Do You Believe??

We feel the world unraveling around us – the culture in our country, but other countries as well.  We have to wonder where we are at in relation to the end times.  We cannot always say: “this is that,” but we can say: “this is leading to that.”  We need to look at current events in […]


Don Hunt teaches from John 20:19-23 about what its like to be ‘sent.’  To be effective, we really need to understand what it means to be sent and who you are sent to and really keep the end in mind.  We also need to follow Jesus and his example.

His Fullness…Our Model

David denHartog teaches from John 1:1-18.  Is there a truth by which we can live that will help us to know how to respond in every situation as seek to be externally focused and impact the world around us?  That truth is found in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  He came as a missionary to reach […]

Bull’s Eye

Associate Pastor Dean Elliott continues the ‘Hello: I Am A Missionary’ Series with a message from Isaiah 65:17-23. While looking forward to Heaven, we must also strive to help those around us now.

You Don’t Have To Pack Your Bags

David denHartog teaches the first of the fall series from Matthew 9:35-10:8.  America is different today than it was 60 years ago, or even 20 years ago.  It is going to take something different to reach a different America.  What does that mean for our lives?  How can we make a impact?

The Truth about the Crescent and the Cross

David den Hartog teaches about the Islamic faith – its history, the different varieties, and what they believe.  In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul gives us three measures to analyze any religion or teacher, and Pastor Dave uses these to point out the untruths in the Islamic faith.  

Life in the Fishbowl

  Dean Elliott uses a fish in a bowl to explain certain aspects of culture and he reviews the truths learned in the previous three sermons.  Dean uses John 4:19-26 to explain why the majority of Christians are not living life as the Bible states they should.  Where is the breakdown between what we know and […]