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Three Attributes of Spiritual Maturity

When life gets rough or isn’t going your way, how do you respond?  Even if you initially flip out, the posture you take over time indicates your spiritual maturity.  Don Hunt teaches from various Bible passages about three characteristics that can be found in the spiritually mature Christian. Scripture references: Psalm 27:14, 37:7 & 34, […]

Waiting…An Event

Dean Elliott reviews the first two parts in the Psalm 40 series and teaches from verses 11-17.  These verses explain how we connect to God when a crisis hits.  It is all the preparation of a daily devotional life compacted into a scream.

Waiting…A Pattern

Dean Elliott teaches the second in the Psalm 40 series on how to feed yourself spiritual food.  Psalm 40:4-10 speaks of a formal pattern that Kind David used when coming before the Lord.


Dean Elliott teaches the first in a series on Psalm 40 about learning to feed yourself, spiritually speaking.  Why is spiritual food important?  What does it mean to feed yourself?  What are your expectations?  Any church is only as strong as the devotional life of its individual people.

Not When, But How?

David denHartog teaches the third and last in the series on the Blood Moons.  In this sermon, Pastor David explains the side of those that believe the Blood Moons are a “harbinger” and contrasts it with those that believe it is more “hype.”  He explains our church’s stance – the bigger question is how are […]