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Basics…Sin, Shame

Dean Elliott teaches the last in the “Basics” series on who man is and what our purpose is.  Genesis 2:25 – 3:9 contains a fundamental crisis for humanity – that of shame.  There are three important truths for us: how the crisis happened, why it happened, and the only solution.

Basics…Man, Part 2

Dean Elliott teaches the third in the “Basics” series.  In Genesis 2:18-25, Adam is given a commission by God and how He intended for man to complete it.  God’s intention for man is to show God’s glory to the world.  Adam is also given two clear areas of responsibility.


Dean Elliott teaches the second in the “Basics” series from Genesis 2:4-25.  This passage defines man – who he is and the purpose for which he was created.  It explains how man was created, the provisions in the Garden, and the partnership which God intended between himself and man.


Dean Elliott begins a series on theological elements in regards to human identity.  Do we know who and what God says we are?  The answer begins with the foundation that is laid in Genesis.