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The Root of the Problem

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 15:1-20.  Just like pulling grass up by the roots so it won’t come back, so we must also deal with the sin issues of life at the root.  But, how do we get to the root of the problem?  What do we do once we’ve gotten there? Additional Scripture references: […]


Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 14:1-12.  There is often intense pain and agony of being confronted when we’ve done something wrong, especially when the one confronting us is correct.  Most of the human race would like to hide or find fig leaves real fast in these situations.  How you handle confrontation?  How and when and through […]

Getting to the Root

David denHartog continues the series on the re:gen ministry, covering steps 7, 8, and 9.  When you pull weeds from the garden bed, you must also get the root – or the weed will grow right back.  The same is true of our sins and struggles – they must be dealt with at the root […]

Staying Together, Part 1

Dean Elliott continues the Together series by teaching about a key principle that is indispensable for a group to stay together.  From this principle comes a practice for dealing with a offense with a brother. One needs the principle for the practical to work in a community. Main Scripture Passage: Matthew 17:24 to 18:20 Scripture references:  I John 1:8-9; […]

Tipping Point

David denHartog uses the life of Judah, found in Genesis 37-44, to help us understand an important tipping point that we all must go through in our spiritual lives.  A tipping point is an event in time that changes everything.  It completely changes the direction of your life.  This spiritual practice, done on a daily, […]


David denHartog teaches from Matthew 4:1-11 which gives the last qualification of Jesus as King before He began ministry.  Many people have to qualify to participate in the Olympics.  We have a desire to be qualified by God’s use to build his kingdom here on earth, to minister to the hearts and lives of people.  We also […]

Why Try?

David denHartog continues teaching about church discipline.  Motivation is huge when it comes to dealing with sin in the church.  We must first judge the sin in our own hearts, then move into one another’s lives.  This takes courage, and motivation from within.  I Corinthians 5:6-13 gives us the reason for moving into the lives […]

Worship For Dummies

Dean Elliott finishes the “Basics…Part II” series from Genesis 3:23-4:26.  We can consistently come into God’s presence and worship Him in order to gain the strength we need to overcome the evil one.  When you come into God’s presence, you will always be confronted with the truth – that you are not God and He is […]

Basics…Sin, Shame

Dean Elliott teaches the last in the “Basics” series on who man is and what our purpose is.  Genesis 2:25 – 3:9 contains a fundamental crisis for humanity – that of shame.  There are three important truths for us: how the crisis happened, why it happened, and the only solution.