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The One Thing We Lack

David denHartog teaches from 2 Chronicles 34-35.  In this passage, we see how King Josiah brings about revival because of his humility.  Do we have humility?  Will we humble ourselves, or will God humble us? Additional Scriptures: Matthew 5:3-4; James 4:6-10; Isaiah 66:2; 2 Chronicles 7:14

At the Epicenter

Dean Elliott preaches from  2 Kings 18:5; 2 Chronicles 29:10 & 32:31, with relevant reference to Isaiah 7 & 36. Revival involves the confrontation of our idols.  Idols are ANYthing that you love and trust more than you love and trust more than God.  God has a determination to find out the idols in our […]


Kevin Bentley teaches from 2 Chronicles 17:1-6, with selected verses through chapter 20.  King Jehoshaphat was devoted to the ways of the Lord in the midst of a pagan society.  This is what we need as a church today.  Pastor Kevin points out three aspects of his reign – the Word, the world and worship […]

The Perfect Storm

America is in the midst of the perfect storm.  The problems in our nation are not political, but are spiritual.  Is there any hope? Our only hope is repentance and revival within the church.  This starts with revival in our hearts. David denHartog teaches from select verses in 2 Chronicles 14:2 to 16:14, where we […]