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Praying, Eyes Wide Open

Dean Elliott teaches on Matthew 7:7-12, an oft quoted scripture section for praying for what you want.  But, in context, these verses actually convey the tactical approach for reaching people for the kingdom of God.  In verses 3-6, we learn that our story is a big tool for investing in people.  Specific prayer is your […]

Did It Work?

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King series with Matthew 6:25-34.  Fear will keep us from being generous and better stewards.  Jesus says three times in this passage, “Therefore do not worry.”   Our quiet time and our prayer time should connect us to the goodness of God, set our focus on the kingdom of God, and help […]

Prayer That God Will Always Answer

David denHartog resumes the Behold The King series from Matthew.  Today, we learn from Matthew 6:6-16 what not to do and what to do when we pray.  Jesus also gives us a pattern to follow when we pray.  This pattern becomes the outline and we fill in the subpoints. Additional Scripture:  I Kings 18:42-46; James 5:17-18; I […]

Getting to the Top

Dean Elliott continues the Roller Coaster series, focusing on what we ask for in prayer.  We must learn to say no to the flesh, so that we can say yes to God’s will and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Beginning in Mark 14:27, we look at the most colossal blunder of the flesh compared to […]

Getting On

Dean Elliott continues the theme of the previous series, going through the elements of the prayer challenge from last week’s sermon (also listed below).  Prayer is a process, much like a roller coaster ride, and effective prayer begins with examining our own heart.  Dean uses James 1:15-23 to walk us through what that looks like. Prayer Challenge […]

The Fundamental

David denHartog completes the Making a Difference series with “The Fundamentals.”  Fundamentals are important – not only in sports, but also to the Christian life.  They’re important to see God work in our lives and the lives of others.  If we are to make a difference in our culture, we need to have effective prayer.   At […]

How’s Your Eyesight?

David denHartog teaches the fourth in the “Elisha, Man of God” series from II Kings 6:8-23.  Fear is something that we all wrestle with, but the Christian doesn’t need to succumb to living in fear.  The answer for fear in the midst of difficult circumstances is praying and seeing with the eyes of faith.

Prayer for a Wayward ________

David denHartog teaches the third in the “Elijah: A Man on a Mission” series.  All of us have a prodigal somewhere in our life that we are concerned about and for whom we would like desperately to see changed.  Is there anything we can still do, even when change does not seem like it is […]

Set in Stone

Dean Elliott uses Jacob’s prayer found in Genesis 32:22-32 to challenge our concept of prayer and blessing.  Prayer is not like chisel and a hammer and carve out something that we like (like in the Greek myth Pygmalion).  But rather, when you have a real encounter with God, He uses it to change you.  Prayer […]