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Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 18:21-35.  The Box Jellyfish is the most venomous animal on earth.  One needs the antidote in fifteen minutes in order to avoid permanent and life-threatening damage.  The same is true in our lives – we need an antidote to avoid the permanent and life-threatening damage that occurs when we come […]

Your Peace is Your Piece

Dean Elliott continues the “Behold the King” series from Matthew 10:2-15, 40-42.  We are here to share the Good News that God has provided a way of peace with him.  But we often don’t share because we don’t have to in order to survive in our daily lives, even though we are qualified to do […]

Radical Love

God loves us tremendously!  When we understand and believe that, we act differently.  But just like hot coffee becomes lukewarm by one degree at a time, so our Christian life and our love for Jesus can cool off one degree at a time.  Don Hunt challenges us to increase one area of our Christian walk […]

Christmas Is About Forgiveness

In the last of Beyond Hallmark series, David denHartog teaches from the Gospel of John on “Christmas Is About Forgiveness” at the Christmas Eve service.