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Dean Elliott reviews and explains five motivations for fishing for men given by Jesus as He instructs the disciples.  He also walks through Luke 16:14-31 and explains three characteristics that characterize the love of commitment.  The Pharisees were dead in their love of people because of their love of money.  Jesus explains the results of their dead […]

Do You REALLY Have Anything Better To Do?

Dean Elliott continues teaching about how to be a fisher of men in the “Let Down Your Nets” series.  He explains two problems, that when combined, become a poison that robs people of their compassion and makes them ineffective as fishers of men.

The Three R’s

Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 5:33 – 6:11.  The internship continues as Jesus teaches the Disciples about the three R’s – religion, rules, relationship – in a series of encounters with the Pharisees.  As fishers of men, we also need to know and understand the differences between the three.  What are we inviting people to join? […]

The Internship

David den Hartog teaches from Luke 5:12-32.  The Disciples had heard Jesus teaching and seen healing, but now they needed to watch the Master himself reach people.  We can learn how to reach people as we enter the Internship of the Disciples.  

Fishing 101

David den Hartog teaches the third in the “Let Down Your Nets” series on Luke 5:1-11.  Jesus calls some of the disciples to be fishers of men, instead of fishers of fish.  Do you want to learn how to fish?  Why do you hesitate to fish?  What does it take to be effective fishers of […]


Dean Elliott teaches the second in the “Let Down Your Nets” series from Luke 4:14-44 on what can NOT be missing in the church.  It was not left out as Jesus’ began his ministry.  In fact, it was His main focus!  What is indispensable?