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The Perfect Storm

America is in the midst of the perfect storm.  The problems in our nation are not political, but are spiritual.  Is there any hope? Our only hope is repentance and revival within the church.  This starts with revival in our hearts. David denHartog teaches from select verses in 2 Chronicles 14:2 to 16:14, where we […]

Our Story and Evangelism

At Cleburne Bible Church, we are focusing on three things this year – service, community, and proclamation of the Gospel.  Our stories individually help others understand the Gospel.  Our story together as a church and as a group is also powerful in proclaiming the Gospel – that Jesus has paid for our sins and risen […]

All Growed Up

David denHartog continues the series, Connecting in Community, teaching from Ephesians 4:7-16.  Children often want to be older than they actually are and be all growed up.  We all want to grow up physically.  Individuals also grow spiritually.  As individuals mature spiritually, so does the church they are a part of.  What are the characteristics of […]

The Salt and Light Company

David denHartog again picks up the message series on Matthew titled “Behold the King,”  continuing the Sermon on the Mount.  In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus teaches that believers are to be salt and light.  Pastor Dave explains the principle, product and more behind these two metaphors.

Serving Together

Don Hunt continues the Together series, looking at what happens when we serve together – specifically in light of Ephesians 4:7-16.  Just as God has made us all with different physical characteristics, so also has He given us all different gifts and abilities.  These different gifts are used to mend the body, just like fishermen mend their […]

Proceed With Caution! Children Present…

Dean Elliott continues the Together series; designed to convince you that you need community and entice you to go find it.  In Matthew 18, Jesus goes to great length to answer the question, “Who then will be great in the kingdom of God?”  Jesus explains three things that will prevent you from being great in the kingdom. […]

Following Christ Together

David denHartog begins a new series titled, Together.  The series is designed to help Cleburne Bible Church understand what we are seeking to weave into the fiber of our church.  It is together that we accomplish God’s purpose for our lives and the church.  Colossians 1:24-29 helps us realize three primary points regarding the purpose of the […]

State of the Church

Once a year, we take the opportunity to share the state of the church – where we have been and where we are going.  Pastor David denHartog shares 2017 highlights from each of our ministries and the goals for 2018.  The goals are based in Matthew 28:18-20.  Jesus said “Go ye into all the world.”  Will […]

Forensics: Body Parts

David denHartog teaches from I Corinthians 14 and explains the difference between the spiritual gifts of prophecy and speaking in tongues.  We all come to church with deep needs.  God uses others in the church to meet those needs, through spiritual gifts.

Forensics: Life in the Body

David denHartog begins with a question: What do you think of when you hear “church?”  The church exists to make disciples – to become disciples and to make disciples.  In other words, to build up the church.  In I Corinthians 14, Paul gives three factors that are necessary for building up the people within the […]