Don’t Get Trampled On: Serving the Community

Kevin Bentley teachers from Matthew 5. We can love others by serving our local communities outside of the church walls. Because of Christ in us, we are light to a dark world. What hope does the world have if Christians don’t live their lives faithfully as the salt and light of the world. And, this […]

Proclaiming Christ Boldly: What’s My Motivation?

Kevin Bentley teaches from 2 Corinthians 5. Once we have passion for Christ and knowledge of the Bible, we should be compelled to proclaim Christ boldly.  What was Paul’s motivation to live out his Christian life and proclaim Jesus? What motivates you to proclaim Christ as we are called to do? Additional Scripture References: Hebrews […]

Every Promise in the Book is Mine

Kevin Bentley preaches from Isaiah 40. There are many promises in this passage that declare the greatness of God. But the question arises, “Can He really do it?” These verses build up our confidence in His promises. There is a connection between understanding God’s power and living out our lives. A correct perspective of our […]

The Day

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 16, which gives instructions about the Day of Atonement to the Jewish people.  This was the most important day on the Jewish calendar and it delivers a clear picture of what Jesus did for us.  Are we walking in forgiveness? Are we extending that to others? Additional Scripture references: Hebrews […]

Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 8, which shows us our need for a high priest.  Aaron was the first high priest and a foreshadow of Jesus.  We also need a priesthood.  What clothing did the High Priest wear?  What does it mean for us today?  Who is the priesthood today? Additional Scripture references:  I Peter […]

Worth Your Salt?

Kevin Bentley teaches from Leviticus 2, in the series: HOLY HOLY HOLY, Lord God Almighty.  The second offering taught about is a grain, or a meal, offering.  The Grain Offering had three purposes.  We also learn about the elements of the grain offering, its the price, the procedure.  What does this mean for us today?  […]

This Means War!

Kevin Bentley teaches from II Thessalonians 3:1-5.  In this passage, Paul is really making a declaration of war of a different kind.  We as believers are fighting a spiritual war that underlies all of man’s wars.  There is a battle for the salvation of souls, for our eternal destiny.  In light of the persecution of […]

State of the Church 2022

In Psalm 136, we see a recount of God’s loyal love through creation and the story of Israel.  We are called to celebrate God’s loyal love, His “hesed.”  Cleburne Bible is required by its constitution to share a ‘state of the church’ every year.  David denHartog, Dean Elliott, Tom Worthley, Kevin Bentley, Kevin Sale, and […]


Kevin Bentley teaches from 2 Thessalonians 1:6-12.  Life only makes sense when you have the correct and accurate information.  Being misguided leads to incorrect interpretations.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Kevin Bentley teaches from Colossians 3:18 – 4:1.  In Colossians, this is where believers put into practice what has come before — where the rubber meets the road.