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This Means War!

Kevin Bentley teaches from II Thessalonians 3:1-5.  In this passage, Paul is really making a declaration of war of a different kind.  We as believers are fighting a spiritual war that underlies all of man’s wars.  There is a battle for the salvation of souls, for our eternal destiny.  In light of the persecution of the Thessalonians, and despite their confusion about the Day of the Lord, Paul asks them to pray for him and continues his prayer for them.

Additional Scripture References:  Psalm 147:15; I Timothy 4; Hebrews 4:12; Acts 13 and 17; II Timothy 4; Ephesians 6:10ff

Outline for the Sermon:

I. Paul Desires They Be Prayerful (v.1-2)
Prayer for the Message
What is the meaning of prayer here?
“For us” = meaning of Greek word peri?
“May spread rapidly” = meaning of Gr. trecho?
“And be glorified” = meaning of glorified?
Prayer for the Messenger
Who did Paul need to be delivered from by prayer?

II. Paul Desires They Be Trusting (v.3)
“Establish” = meaning of sterizo?
“Guard” = meaning of anthistemi?

III. Paul Desires They Be Obedient (v.4)
Meaning of “command” ?

IV. Paul Desires They Be Spiritually Growing (v.5)
What is the meaning of “direct”?
What is the meaning of “into the love of God”?
What is the meaning of “into the patience of Christ”?