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A Royal Priesthood for His Praise

Kevin Bentley teaches from I Peter 2:4-9, a reminder to be who God has called us to be and our role as believers.  He weaves together the Old Testament and the New Testament to explain the priesthood.  He walks us through five of the responsibilities of the priests and what that would look like for today’s believers. God has called us to be a royal priesthood for His praise.

Additional Scripture references: Jeremiah 33:19-22; I Chronicles 24; Numbers 18; Revelation 1:6; II Timothy 2:15; Matthew 12:35; Exodus 28:1; Luke 22:24-27; Deuteronomy 28; James 5:14-16; III John 1:2; Deuteronomy 21; Matthew 7:1, 24; Numbers 16; James 5:19-20; Matthew 26:65; Leviticus 21:10