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“Who Told You That?”

Tom Worthley teaches from Genesis 3. In a world of many messages, ideas, thoughts, and voices, we can trust only one voice and there is only one voice we should listen to. In today’s passage, we will see that God was the first to speak, and all He says is good and true. Therefore we […]

State of the Church 2022

In Psalm 136, we see a recount of God’s loyal love through creation and the story of Israel.  We are called to celebrate God’s loyal love, His “hesed.”  Cleburne Bible is required by its constitution to share a ‘state of the church’ every year.  David denHartog, Dean Elliott, Tom Worthley, Kevin Bentley, Kevin Sale, and […]

The Parable of The Compassionate Father

Tom Worthley teaches from Luke 15:11-32, the parable commonly known as The Prodigal Son. Tom helps understand the audience who is listening to Jesus’ parable.  He brings to life the characters of the parable, and wants us to see the compassion of the father to both of his sons.  You are invited to come home; you […]

Fear The Lord

Tom Worthley teaches on Father’s Day on one of the greatest gifts a father can give to his kids is to fear the Lord himself.  To fear the Lord brings joy, peace, and security to our lives.  Tom uses Proverbs 14:26-27 to help us better understand what it means to fear the Lord.  He also […]