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In Remembrance

The focus of I Corinthians 11:17-34 is celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  David denHartog hopes to give us a deeper appreciation and better understanding of the Lord’s Supper through today’s sermon.

For God So Loved…

Dean Elliott explains the story of the Magi, found in Matthew 2, as we continue the Beyond Hallmark series.  Tradition has made up a lot of details, but the most important thing about the story is who they weren’t.  What will you learn about the Magi?

Worship For Dummies

Dean Elliott finishes the “Basics…Part II” series from Genesis 3:23-4:26.  We can consistently come into God’s presence and worship Him in order to gain the strength we need to overcome the evil one.  When you come into God’s presence, you will always be confronted with the truth – that you are not God and He is […]