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Avoiding Malpractice

Dean Elliott teaches from 2 Timothy 1-2.  In church life,  and if we are successful with grace and truth, one will run into a lot of strange characters.  We can spend a lot of time and energy deciding who’s saved and who’s not.  But God says that that isn’t to be our focus.  He is […]

The Truth

Dean Elliott continues to give believers in Jesus Christ practical, usable answers for coming into the presence of the living God.  It is our birthright, and it is not restricted to Sunday mornings or spiritual leaders or specific places.  It is according to a three-part pattern, carried out in a certain order.  Today, he teaches about the second […]

Worship For Dummies

Dean Elliott finishes the “Basics…Part II” series from Genesis 3:23-4:26.  We can consistently come into God’s presence and worship Him in order to gain the strength we need to overcome the evil one.  When you come into God’s presence, you will always be confronted with the truth – that you are not God and He is […]

His Fullness…Our Model

David denHartog teaches from John 1:1-18.  Is there a truth by which we can live that will help us to know how to respond in every situation as seek to be externally focused and impact the world around us?  That truth is found in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.  He came as a missionary to reach […]

The Race: Are You Being Saved?

David denHartog teaches regarding the second great truth about our salvation – how we are being saved from the power of sin and the lies of Satan. Scripture References: Romans 10:1-15 (main); Romans 7:25; Romans 8:5; Psalm 1:1-2; 2 Corinthians 3:18

The Truth about the Crescent and the Cross

David den Hartog teaches about the Islamic faith – its history, the different varieties, and what they believe.  In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul gives us three measures to analyze any religion or teacher, and Pastor Dave uses these to point out the untruths in the Islamic faith.  

Life in the Fishbowl

  Dean Elliott uses a fish in a bowl to explain certain aspects of culture and he reviews the truths learned in the previous three sermons.  Dean uses John 4:19-26 to explain why the majority of Christians are not living life as the Bible states they should.  Where is the breakdown between what we know and […]

The Hope of Glory

David denHartog uses passages from Colossians to teach about 4 main philosophies of the world that can seep into Christianity.  He also teaches how we can break free from those false teachings and live life with the power of Christ in us.

Carry on a Conversation

Dean Elliott teaches the third sermon in the series on homosexuality.  Homosexuality is a symptom of the much bigger problem of idolatry and always occurs in a certain context.  As Christians, our job is to carry on a conversation and communicate the truth.  No matter how small the voice.  Dean uses Ezekiel 14:1-11 to give […]

How to Win THE Race

David denHartog teaches from Philippians 3:12-16 about what it means to run to win.  There are many winners in the Christian life, in that those who believe in Jesus Christ will enter the kingdom of heaven.  But, there are truths to embrace as we run this race so that a Christian may hear “well done, good and […]