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The Fundamental

David denHartog completes the Making a Difference series with “The Fundamentals.”  Fundamentals are important – not only in sports, but also to the Christian life.  They’re important to see God work in our lives and the lives of others.  If we are to make a difference in our culture, we need to have effective prayer.   At […]

Hearing God’s Voice

David denHartog continues the story of Samuel in the Making a Difference series.  As Samuel heard God’s voice in I Samuel 3, he was asked to speak into the life of the High Priest of Isreal.  For the life of the High Priest was a mess.  God is also calling us, as believers in Jesus Christ, to speak […]

Helping Your Child Avoid the Narcissism Epidemic

David denHartog explains that narcissism is an over-inflated view of one’s self and seeing life as revolving around them. It is ultimate self-centerdness.  Not many people are clinically diagnosed with narcissism, but there is at least a bit of selfishness in each of us and in each of our children.  What can we do in our parenting […]