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Dean Elliott teaches through Judges 13-16, looking more specifically at the event at the end of Samson’s life where he brings the house down.  There is a convergence of God’s will and Samson’s will.  Dean explains two steps, a great obstacle, and the only solution that we must come to if we also want to bring the […]


David denHartog continues the Sermon on the Mount, with Matthew 7:13-20.  Every day we are faced with choices.  In reality, there are two major choices that we have in life.  Jesus describes these choices and then he gives us a warning about those that might lead us into the wrong choice.  This is the Epilogue […]

Much Ado About Something…But What?

Dean Elliott introduces a new series – taking a look at salvation from God’s perspective.  Our salvation is great because of a divine perspective.  We are part of a much bigger story – the story of God’s glory. Scripture references: Psalm 8:1; Isaiah 42:8-9; Jeremiah 9:23; Job 1 Ecclesiastes 12:12 “… of making many books […]

Helping Your Child Avoid the Narcissism Epidemic

David denHartog explains that narcissism is an over-inflated view of one’s self and seeing life as revolving around them. It is ultimate self-centerdness.  Not many people are clinically diagnosed with narcissism, but there is at least a bit of selfishness in each of us and in each of our children.  What can we do in our parenting […]