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Against the Grain

Continuing the Behold the King series, Dean Elliott teaches on Matthew 12:1-14.  In this next section, Jesus illustrates “come to me and I will give you rest.”  God gave us a Sabbath rest so that we would stop and rest.  He has made promises that He will fulfill.

Greater Expectations

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King  series with Matthew 11:20-30.  When we encounter difficult circumstances and hardships, we can have peace and joy when we come before the Lord and say, “okay, your will be done,” instead of striving to make it though on our own.  Our problem comes from our expectations, not a lack […]

Old Faithful – A Fresh Look

Psalm 23 is like Old Faithful – it erupts into our lives on a regular basis.  Many of us have memorized it with our minds, but not mastered it with our lives.  David denHartog goes slowly through Psalm 23 and invites us to take a fresh look at it, and allow the words to sink deep […]

Good Friday Service

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 11:25-30 for the Good Friday service.  Its Friday…but Sunday’s coming!


Dean Elliott begins a series on theological elements in regards to human identity.  Do we know who and what God says we are?  The answer begins with the foundation that is laid in Genesis.