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The Joy of the Harvest

David denHartog remembers the joy that farmers in Iowa had as they brought in the harvest each year.  Spiritually, too, we share in the joy of the harvest when someone comes to know Christ, or we know we have had a part in that process.  John 15:1-17 speaks about the joy and fruit and abiding […]

Sex and Spirituality, Part 1

David denHartog continues the Same Page series, now in I Corinthians 6:9-14.  In our culture, there is a disconnect between sex and spirituality.  We don’t realize that our sexual morality choices have an impact on our connection with God.  In this passage, Paul explains why sex outside of marriage is wrong.  We begin with four negative […]

From the Inside Out

Dean Elliott talks about what kind of relationship God wants with each of His children and how we can go about getting that relationship.  Scripture based in Psalm 23 and Romans 5:1-5.

Behind It All

Dean Elliott teaches from Exodus 20:1-17 about the Ten Commandments and what God really, really wants from us.  God clearly identifies in the 10 Commandments as to what He wants and what it isn’t.

Okay, So You’re Right…So What?

Dean Elliott teaches through Psalm 26.  The Psalm is about integrity – what it is; what it isn’t; and what God does with it. In the Psalm, David is being honest about who he is and this honesty allows him to connect with God more intimately.

Fitting In

Dean Elliott teaches from Psalm 27 about allowing our weaknesses to be reminders to connect with God and allowing Him to complete you.  We should see our weaknesses as gifts instead of trying to compensate for them or get rid of them.  Weakness is not wickedness, but what you do with your weaknesses could turn […]

Grace: Did You Read the Fine Print?

Dean Elliott begins teaching in Luke 14:25 where Jesus is explaining to the disciples the fine print of following Him – the cost of commitment.  But, the cost of commitment still takes place under the umbrella of the grace.  Following this are 3 parables that Jesus uses to explain how crazy God is for lost […]

The Three R’s

Dean Elliott teaches from Luke 5:33 – 6:11.  The internship continues as Jesus teaches the Disciples about the three R’s – religion, rules, relationship – in a series of encounters with the Pharisees.  As fishers of men, we also need to know and understand the differences between the three.  What are we inviting people to join? […]