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I Can’t, He Can.

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 16:5-21.  Misdiagnosis of a disease or of termites can have disastrous effects.  Misdiagnosis of your spiritual condition can cost you your soul. In this section of Matthew, Jesus issues a warning about a particular kind of teaching that could potentially cause a lot of misdiagnosis in your life and subsequent […]


David denHartog explains the last three steps of the re:generation ministry.  Its what you’re hooked to in life that makes all the difference.  Some are hooked to an addiction; some to the American dream; some to the daily treadmill of everyday living; some to sports.  The problem is that most of us won’t admit that […]

Getting to the Root

David denHartog continues the series on the re:gen ministry, covering steps 7, 8, and 9.  When you pull weeds from the garden bed, you must also get the root – or the weed will grow right back.  The same is true of our sins and struggles – they must be dealt with at the root […]

4 to 6 of 12

Dean Elliott explains steps 4, 5, and 6 of the re:generation ministry.  He helps us understand the idea behind and the Biblical foundation of each step.

Foundations: 1 to 3 of 12

Dean Elliott begins to explain the ministry of “re:generation.”  What does regeneration mean?  re:generation is a 12-step program designed to bring God back into the 12-step process, and give the church an opportunity to speak the healing of Jesus Christ into the lives of people.  What are the first three steps of the program?  What […]