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A Royal Priesthood for His Praise

Kevin Bentley teaches from I Peter 2:4-9, a reminder to be who God has called us to be and our role as believers.  He weaves together the Old Testament and the New Testament to explain the priesthood.  He walks us through five of the responsibilities of the priests and what that would look like for […]

Following Christ Together

David denHartog begins a new series titled, Together.  The series is designed to help Cleburne Bible Church understand what we are seeking to weave into the fiber of our church.  It is together that we accomplish God’s purpose for our lives and the church.  Colossians 1:24-29 helps us realize three primary points regarding the purpose of the […]

Salt and Light

Don Hunt expounds on Matthew 5:13-16.  Jesus teaching the disciples, and the crowd around them, about how they are to be salt and light.  As a church, we are also to be salt and light in our community.  Where do you need to be salt and light?

The Look

David denHartog continues the “Designed For A Purpose” series teaching from Matthew 25:14-30.  “The Look” is often given by mothers to their children telling them that its time to shape up.  There will come a day when believers will stand under The Look of Jesus Christ – at the judgement seat of Christ – in […]

Two Houses

David denHartog begins the “Designed For A Purpose” series with Psalm 139:13-16 and Ephesians 2:8-10.  God has designed each of with a specific set of abilities with a unique purpose for each of one our lives.


Dean Elliott teaches the second in the “Basics” series from Genesis 2:4-25.  This passage defines man – who he is and the purpose for which he was created.  It explains how man was created, the provisions in the Garden, and the partnership which God intended between himself and man.


Dean Elliott begins a series on theological elements in regards to human identity.  Do we know who and what God says we are?  The answer begins with the foundation that is laid in Genesis.

What’s Missing?

David denHartog begins the sermon series on Titus, “What’s Missing?”  As you look at the picture above, can you figure out what is missing?  More important that what is missing from the picture above, we need to make sure that nothing is missing from the life of the church.  In Titus 1:1-5a, Paul explains the […]

Annual Check-up

David denHartog wants us to do an annual check-up of the church.  What is the purpose of the church?  What are we to be doing? Are we growing?  In looking at the life of the church, it gives us an opportunity for us to look at our individual lives for a church is not just a […]