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Justice and Mercy

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 25:31-46.  Jesus uses this parable to explain what will occur after the Tribulation period when Jesus judges the Gentile nations who lived through the Tribulation period. The parable applies to God’s call upon our lives to love our Savior by being merciful in our actions toward others. Additional Scripture references: […]

Do I Have What It Will Take?

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 25:1-13.  In this passage, Jesus uses the Parable of the Ten Virgins to explain to his disciples what it will be like during the end times for Jewish believers.  Pastor David helps us to understand who each of the characters in the parable represent, what the parable means, and how […]

We Were Servants Once

Dean Elliott teaches from Matthew 24:45-51. At the time of the rapture, Jesus wants to catch us in the middle of faithfulness, not, as so many excusing themselves from a job by hating others and being distracted. There are three elements that are important to observe about the servant’s faithfulness described here. We too will […]

Setting the Table

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 24:15-35, where Jesus is teaching His Disciples about the Tribulation period.  Just as we set the table when preparing for dinner guests, so also now God is setting the table for the return of His Son, Jesus, to earth.  How is God doing that?  And, what do we see in […]

Braxton Hicks Contractions

David denHartog teaches from Matthew 23:27 – 24:14.  Braxton Hicks Contractions are contractions that are not the real deal, but they are a reminder that the real deal of labor is coming.  We are currently in a time period that is a reminder that the real deal of the end times is coming.  Pastor David […]

A Preview of Things to Come

David denHartog teaches from 2 Peter 3:1-13.  There are two extreme responses we could take as we look at world events and think about the Day of the Lord approaching.  But, what should our response be to the return of Christ?  Pastor David gives us two major points and two principles for application from this […]

The Lamb of God

David denHartog wishes to give us a deeper appreciation or broader knowledge of one of the titles given to Jesus, in order enhance our worship of Jesus this Christmas season.  Jesus is called “The Lamb of God” twenty seven times in the book of Revelation.  Pastor David uses Revelation 5 as a base to explain […]

Forensics: Body Parts

David denHartog teaches from I Corinthians 14 and explains the difference between the spiritual gifts of prophecy and speaking in tongues.  We all come to church with deep needs.  God uses others in the church to meet those needs, through spiritual gifts.


Pastor David denHartog continues the As It Was In The Days of Noah series, teaching from I Thessalonians 5:1-11.  The first coming of Christ is linked to the second coming of Christ.  We are called to watch for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  What does it mean to watch?

The Purpose of Prophecy

Tied to the first coming of Christ, is the second coming – and this is our ultimate hope.  So, as we turn our attention to Jesus’ first coming during the Christmas season, we also want to focus on Christ’s second coming.  We need to be people of hope as we see our world unraveling.