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Greater Expectations

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King  series with Matthew 11:20-30.  When we encounter difficult circumstances and hardships, we can have peace and joy when we come before the Lord and say, “okay, your will be done,” instead of striving to make it though on our own.  Our problem comes from our expectations, not a lack […]

Wisdom and Blessing

Dean Elliott teaches on Psalm 37, the final sermon in the A Life God Blesses series.  It is a favorite Psalm of a lot of people and it encapsulates the idea of how to obtain the greatest blessing now and in the future.  It is designed to instruct people on how to live lives with wisdom.

When Life Takes A Wrong Turn

David denHartog speaks about how we can have joy, even when life takes a wrong turn.  Paul’s life seemingly took many ‘wrong’ turns, but he still expressed joy because he had an eternal perspective.