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Greater Expectations

Dean Elliott continues the Behold the King  series with Matthew 11:20-30.  When we encounter difficult circumstances and hardships, we can have peace and joy when we come before the Lord and say, “okay, your will be done,” instead of striving to make it though on our own.  Our problem comes from our expectations, not a lack […]

Your Peace is Your Piece

Dean Elliott continues the “Behold the King” series from Matthew 10:2-15, 40-42.  We are here to share the Good News that God has provided a way of peace with him.  But we often don’t share because we don’t have to in order to survive in our daily lives, even though we are qualified to do […]

Making Peace

Dean Elliott concludes the Family Portrait series with “Making Peace.”  It is as difficult to find common ground in our families as it is to find common ground in our nation.  But it is important in our family to evangelize and lead our kids to Christ.  Dean uses the story found in I Samuel 25 to […]