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Surviving the Tsunami

David denHartog continues the series, “Fault Lines.” Tsunamis are the result of an earthquake under the ocean floor. As we parent our children and grandchildren, how do we counteract the culture that surrounds them (and us) every day? What can we do to help make sure that Christian values are embraced by the teenagers and […]

Doing Life Together

The mission of CBC is to make disciples, from Matthew 28:18-20.  How do we get there?  Acts 2:42 lists four elements of the early church that are vital to our becoming mature believers.  David denHartog explains each briefly, but focuses on the aspect of fellowship.  If you neglect fellowship, it will stunt your growth.  What is […]

Making Peace

Dean Elliott concludes the Family Portrait series with “Making Peace.”  It is as difficult to find common ground in our families as it is to find common ground in our nation.  But it is important in our family to evangelize and lead our kids to Christ.  Dean uses the story found in I Samuel 25 to […]

A House Divided

Dean Elliott shares that the most painful thing he sees in pastoral care is disharmony in the family – dissolution of a marriage or a break in relationship between parents and child.  Psalm 14 offers an explanation of a problem that we’ve all had experience with.  It also helps us understand how we can pass on […]

A Command, A Promise, and Three Stages

People wear different hats in different places and for different purposes.  So also, people wear different ‘hats’ in their families and at different stages of their lives.  But the command to “Honor your father and mother,” from Deuteronomy 5:16, is given to all people.  David denHartog continues the Family Portrait series explaining what the command means and how […]

Healthy Boundaries

Some of us really have difficulty understanding, accepting and owning our personal responsibility to take control of the stewardship that is our life; for what God has uniquely given to us to cultivate and care for.  Parents have been given the job of setting boundaries for their children.  Dean Elliott uses verses from Proverbs 22 […]

It’s Never Been Harder

David denHartog begins a series on the home and parenting.  Nothing is easy about building a family, but it has never been harder in our world today.  John White, in Parents in Pain, lists 5 factors that influence how a child’s turns out.  Pastor David adds a sixth influence, and all of it together paints […]

The Most Important Thing

David denHartog continues teaching on how we can make a difference in our world today.  It is difficult to parent; a challenge to be a good father.  These are hard days in which to raise a Godly family.  But, how do you raise children that are Godly?  What is the most important thing for Dads […]

The Effective Mother

David denHartog begins a new series, Making a Difference, on how we can make a difference in today’s culture.  He uses the example of Hannah from I Samuel 1 to help us understand how we can be effective mothers, as well as effective fathers and grandparents.

Between Two Worlds

Dean Elliott begins this series called “Well… It All Depends” with a look at how freedom gives us either the opportunity to chase after Jesus and love people radically, or to make choices that allow other things to take the place of God in our lives.